Ugly Sweater Partaaay!

So I’ve finallllly, gotten all my pictures together (thought I had a lot more than I actually did!), from my ugly sweater party I had this Christmas. First of all, I’d like to say, I planned on taking much more photos, but instead, I had a little too much to drink and took like, ten lol. Sorry! I wanted it to be one of those posts where people say “oh wow that’s so cute I need to do that next year for my party, and pin all the pictures like crazy, but instead you’ll just get a little window into my personal life haha. I DID have a great time, along with all my guests, so that’s the most important part! (though, it took me a few weeks to come to that…I was pretttty mad at myself for the lack of pictures!!!)

It started with the invitation I designed, after looking around on Google images for inspiration. I LOVE the way these came out!xmasinvitenoaddress

Now, onto the decor…of course this is along with all my other Christmas decorations! I always try to go green, but for parties, I confess, I get paper plates/plastic utensils. I’ve tried to do it with the real deal, but I end up spending days afterwards cleaning and doing the dishes! I let myself do this, knowing in my daily life I’m as green as I can :) . I purchased plain white plates and cups, as I like to add colored details to my decor. I wrapped up small jars using brown wrapping paper and bakers twine (love this stuff) to hold the colored paper straws and utensils. And of course, my adorable ornament drinking glasses made an appearance!xmaspartyfood

Shall we take a closer look at the adorable ornament glasses? Yes…we shall.ornamentdrinksRemember the post I had on them a few months back??? I put it in a bowl with some marbles to keep it straight up…well I didn’t feel like that was very practical for the party, because people wouldn’t want to carry the large bowls around. Soooo, I thought to myself for a while and came up with an even better/cuter idea!! I got these small plastic ramekin dishes from the dollar store so that people could place them down where they were sitting and didn’t have to worry about holding onto the glasses all night!! Am I allowed to say I’m a genius? lol

Well, we had some pretty strong drinks….drinks

And after about the first or second, my sister and I looked a little something like this…meandamberuglysweater2Which is why there weren’t any pictures taken of everyone in their ugly sweaters!!! (Honestly….who throws an ugly sweater party and doesn’t take pictures of all the sweaters?!?!?)

At the very least, I got a picture of the winners…here they are in all there glory! What I like most about them all are they were hand decorated!!uglyswearawards

Of course, I voted for Roscoe!roscoexmassweater

As for the prizes…I went with a small Ball jar of hot cocoa mix and marshmallows tied up with a little bottle of Bailey’s (which I didn’t get a picture of, but luckily I got the idea from Pinterest, and it looked exactly like this!) As for the Ugliest Winner, they went home with a bottle of my homemade Kahlua 🙂kahlua

I wanted to have a  “photo snap-station” type thing, so I made a bunch of silly props, put up some cute wrapping paper on my bedroom door, and made a pretty doily banner, in hopes that we would get some funny pictures. My husband took the pictures, and didn’t get the concept of taking it closer up so you couldn’t tell it was a DOOR COVERED WITH WRAPPING PAPER behind us! lol I was drunk by then, so didn’t care too much! And then my brother-in-law who of course misused his prop! lolphotobooth

So sadly those are all my pictures…I know…. :(

I DO, however, have all the printables I made to download for free!

voteDownload this guy HERE!

UGLYThis guy HERE!


UGLIESTAnd this guy HERE!

For the award ribbons, I printed them out on cardstock paper, cut the ribbons out of felt and hot glued them on along with flat-back pins.

Well, I hope you got some if any, inspiration for your next Christmas party from my post! All I can say, was it was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up some uh-ga-lyyyy sweaters! 🙂


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Until Tomorrow!!


16 responses to “Ugly Sweater Partaaay!

  1. I could not stop laughing! I love your “Ugly Sweater” party! If I was there, I know I would’ve had a lot of fun with my ugly sweater outfit. I thought the xmas ornament glasses was GENIUS!

    • Thank you!! 🙂 oh I can’t wait for next year, I’m going to go all out, and remember to take more pictures, because I really slacked off this year!

  2. These balls are not food safe. Please tell your people not to use them. They contain heavy metals such as lead. They are not inspected in this country for safety. Please do not put food in them…you can become very ill and permanently damage your brain. It is even worse for children. It does not matter if they are plastic or glass. You can buy them food safe online. This is extremely dangerous.

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