Christmas Gifts of 2012

Finally!! Last Christmas post! πŸ™‚ I’m glad to be done actually…because I have so many great non-Christmas-y ideas (some of which I couldn’t wait to post!) that I wanted to wait to post until I was all done with the Christmas ones. Today’s post is a collection of all the gifts that I made last year. I started in January thinking that I’d be saving money by doing all handmade, and would be totally stress free during the holidays. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It made sense, but I was probably the most stressed out I’ve ever been this holiday season! Maybe I just did it wrong…but I ended up finishing gifts the morning of Christmas!!! This year, I’m just writing my list early. It’s a great time to write up a “draft list” for this years holiday season because everything’s fresh in your mind. Maybe someone mentioned something they were looking to get and didn’t? I’ll make some gifts when I can, but I can’t do another last year!

First off….bags….lots and lots of clutch bags. I kind of got obsessed. I used THIS tutorial for the bow bags that went out to my sister in laws and some friends (I actually made two of the black/tiger print one to give to my future sister in law and my friend Tracy) I tried to match the bags to their style and think I did a pretty good job! πŸ™‚bags

For this adorableeee bunny toy, I used THIS tutorial as a guide, and kind of did my own thing. I scaled it up, used different fabric than suggested, added a little bracelet and a simple dress that I made. I got a little obsessed with making stuffed animals this year after making so many for all the kids on my list!! My future kids will probably have everything handmade! I think there’s nothing more personal and sentimental!

For my pals at work, I made these cute little guys. They barely took any time at all. I simply melted some green chocolate, and gently filled the peppermint “hearts”. Of course, I did this over parchment paper, or else they would stick to the pan like crazy! I sprinkled some small round sprinkles to add a little sumthin’ sumthin’, and let them harden. I wouldn’t suggest putting them in the fridge, as the peppermints can melt a bit and get sticky. Just cover them with a paper towel or something to keep dust and hair off until completely hardened πŸ™‚candycaneheartpop

My husband’s friend at work was always saying how she wanted me to make her the deep dish chocolate chip cookie I posted about, so I thought a really cute gift would be to package up the dry ingredients, and stick them in a ramekin dish (that I got from the dollar store!!) and add some directions! I think it came out super cute (although the pic is kinda awful and should be updated, but I’m lazy lol)!cookiedish2

I’ve been making my nail clients cookies for over 6 years now! I try to do at least one different cookie than the year before, and this year, I made the classic gingerbread men that I’ve been making for over 6 years (recipe HERE), chai sugar cookies with vanilla bean icing (recipe to come!!), a chocolate sugar cookie (recipe HERE) with peppermint icing, sugar cookies, another one I’ve made for over 5 years (recipe HERE) with sugar sprinkled on top, and some peppermint Joe Joe’s (Trader Joes version of Oreos) dipped in chocolate and crunched up peppermint candies sprinkled on top. All vegan by the way!! I love seeing my client’s faces when they taste them and ask if they’re really vegan! I boxed them all up in some BEAUTIFUL Martha Stewart (of course) baked goods packaging, and they were all ready to go!cookies

I made this little guy after seeing THIS pin months ago. I made my own pattern, and added a little tag with my initials just for fun πŸ™‚ I also made another one, using different fabric, for my cousins daughter but forgot to get a picture!elephant

Probably my favorite gift I made….this adorable owl bag for my sister!! The second I saw THIS pin, I knew I had to make it. The directions were really easy to follow, and of course being me, I did some of my own things. I LOVE the way it came out, and so does my sister!!owlbag

And of course my owl dolls, that I modeled after that guy!stuffedowl

A list of some other gifts that I gave away that I posted throughout the year!

  • My beautiful vanilla extract!
  • Remember my softball bracelet? I made this for my two nephews and they loved it! They also got some homemade slime that I made using THIS tutorial! (I have to admit, I played with it quite a bit before actually giving it to them! lol)
  • I gave both of these guys to a friend who just had a baby and I’m sure can use some pampering (if she gets the chance!)
  • I gave my mom and friend Tracy the dragonfly charms πŸ™‚
  • Can’t forget these fun bookmarks!
  • I made something similar to THIS GUY for my sister, but because I’m allergic to the kitty, I’m having her make the pawprint part, so I haven’t gotten a picture of it all finished. I DID, however, get a really cute mat board and painted part of the frame to make it especially cute, so I WILL get a pic up ASAP.
  • All three of these guys went (accompanied with wine of course!) to varies family members!
  • I made a brown and pink version of this guy to a cute little girl who will be receiving it eventually (because I’m lazy and still haven’t sent it out yet!)
  • These popsicle stick bracelets went to my nieces, along with the iPod cases, their favorite niece necklaces, chalkboard frames, notebooks, and some play dough I made them using THIS tutorial!
  • Both my mom and in-law, got a set of the tile trivets (though I still have to actually give my MIL hers, along with the tile coasters I made them lol.)
  • My husbands gramma (who we call Oma) received the teacup bookmark along with a tea tray that I decoupaged using matching paper, the teacup candle and a decorated box of matches to …match–no pun intended lol.
  • WOW….okay….so after writing all that out, I thinkkkk I may know why this year was so stressful!!! I did NOT realize how much homemade gifts I actually made this year!! Go me! At least now I feel a little better about it all! haha πŸ˜‰

So there you have it!! My very last Christmas post from 2012! Hope you enjoyed and got some gift giving inspiration!! πŸ™‚

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Until Tomorrow!!

7 responses to “Christmas Gifts of 2012

    • Thanks! Me too! I would take a homemade gift over anything! They’re so much more personal πŸ™‚

      • It’s nice to know when someone really puts thought into a gift. Back in high school a friend made me a handmade poster that had pictures of things and activities I enjoyed and inside jokes we had. I still have it!

  1. oh my goodness you have been busy! i am ambitious in my goals but this year i did NOTHING because of the big move. i told my family i will send them christmas packages in a few months πŸ™‚ i hope to be posting more stuff soon, still trying to figure out the American housewife life! x

      • We are settling in. Doesnt quite feel like home yet but that will come with time. Went to Joanns and wanted to buy the whole store! lol cannot wait for my adventure at micheals, hopefully soon because i have some awesome ideas i want to tackle!!! PS I started to look at your Pinterest board and knew I’d get stuck lol

    • Hahaha don’t you just want to buy everrythingggg?! It’s hard not to!! Oh you’re going to have fun….once you start making things for your home it will become home πŸ™‚ once I had all the pictures up, and my little DIY stuff, it was home for me!

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