Award! Award! Award!

Hey guys!! Guess what?! I got another award!! 🙂 And one that I really wanted too! 🙂

A BIG thank you to In Vegetables We Trust for the nomination for one lovely blog award!!

I am required to tell you seven things about myself now….I’m not really good about this so here we go!

1. I get bored sometimes and cut my hair. This usually ends with me saying “Why did I do thattt?!?!”
2. Ever wonder where I got diary of a mad crafter from? I couldn’t think of a name for my blog, so I asked for help on Facebook, and while I got a bunch of really cute names, my mom’s called out to me the most!
3. I can’t keep a clean house and craft at the same time. It’s either a clean house, and no crafts, or I craft like crazy, and have a crazy messy house.
4. I do all my crafts on the floor (so you’ll notice the carpet in almost all of my pictures)
5. I grind my teeth like crazy, and sometimes I have to wear a tooth guard. I look like a hockey player lol
6. I had braces for nine years. I got two on my front teeth in 3rd grade, gradually got them on all my teeth, and then and they were taken off in my senior year.
7. After years and years of being terrified of getting a blood test, I now love getting them! I actually look forward to them now!

Now, I’m supposed to nominate 5 more blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award, but I just can not choose! I follow such amazing people, and they all deserve to get some love. Of course, whenever I get an award, I tell people to revert back to my first award post, where I made a long list of people who I follow and love!

Thank you again, In Vegetables We Trust!!!


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