Ornament Drinking Glass

So, I’ve decided this year, I’ll be having an Ugly Sweater Party. I’m sooo excited, because Pinterest has inspired so many aspects of the party, and I know it’s going to be a lot of fun! I saw a pin the other day of the clear glass DIY ornaments being used as drinking glasses, and I jumped right on that. Too freakin cute!–Especially for photo ops :). So I picked up a few boxes of the ornaments at Michaels (they were %40 off, and I had a coupon for %30 off on top of that!) and got them all ready for the party 🙂


***I recently had a follower inform me that these are not food safe and can be very dangerous to drink from, and that you can purchase food safe ones online. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal if you have a drink in them for a little while, but if you’re concerned with it, you may want to reconsider making these. I definitely wouldn’t suggest filling them up and having them sit there for hours though!***

I loveee the look of the metal filigree top, and wanted to keep it on, so I cut a hole using my Xacto knife, for a straw to be inserted. The easiest way to do this, was to just slit open the side of the circle that wasn’t indented, and then used the back of my Xacto knife to push the rest open. Because the design on the metal was punched on, it just peeled right back and made a nice round circle. Of course check if there are any sharp pieces! If you need to, you can always file it with some sandpaper. Needless to say, wash everything thoroughly!!


That’s really the only thing you have to do for these! I punched out little tags for people to write there names, and a bowl with some marbles to keep them held up. I think if you got a cupcake pan, that would be a really cute way of serving them too! Especially if you painted it a color to match your party 🙂


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Until tomorrow!!

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