Another easy pair of chandelier earrings: A tutorial

Remember the earrings from my sisters birthday post? Well I’ve got a tutorial for you! And like my other chandelier earrings I posted a while ago, these ones are super easy as well ;). In fact, these one’s might even be easier, because the first ones had a little wire wrapping involved, and this one’s got none! The only thing however, is you’ve got to have the kind of teardrop bead that has the hole going through from side to side. It won’t work with the hole going through the top and bottom.

You’ll need at least one flat nose pliers (I like to have two, because I use one in each hand. It makes it a lot easier to do certain things, like opening jump rings for instance), a pair of round nose pliers, a pair of wire cutters, 6 small jump rings, 2 eye pins OR flathead pins, 2 earwires, 2 teardrop beads with holes going through side to side, and some chain (length depends on how dramatic you want the earrings to be. You could make them drape very low, or higher to the bead, and you could add more layers than I did.) Before you start though, you should make sure that the chain will fit on the jump rings. There’s nothing more annoying than starting a project that can’t be finished! And some chains have very small links that won’t fit a standard jump ring.

If you’re using a flathead pin or like what I have with the little ball at the end, you’ll want to start by cutting that off. Then, you can make a loop, using your round nose pliers, on one side to make it an eyepin, and stick it through your bead.

Make a loop on the other side now, but make sure that the wire’s length is the length of the widest part of your bead (which if you’re using a teardrop, will be the bottom). This is so the chains will drape nicely to the sides of the bead, rather then on top, or in front of the bead.

Now, chain time…you want to measure out the length of chain you want. I started with the shortest, and just held the chain up to the bead. You don’t want it to be too snug to the bead or it won’t fall nicely. Then, once you cut the smallest one, you can cut the rest. The original Tori Spelling earrings that I made these after, actually had 5 layers of chain, which was really nice, but I only did the three because that’s all the chain I had.

Next, STARTING WITH THE SMALLEST CHAIN (which is the opposite of my other chandelier earrings) place them all on one of the loops.

Again, starting with the smallest chain, place them on the other loop. See it starting to come together? 🙂

Now, for the top chains. These too depend on your taste. If you want them to fall very low, cut them longer. I cut them on the shorter side. You need 4 (or more, if you want) PER earring.

Place two on a jump ring without closing it.

Repeat with the other two chains, and then connect them to the loops on your bead. You want it to be above the lower chains otherwise it won’t fall correctly, and will get tangled.

Connect your smaller chains together with another jump ring at the top, again don’t close it just yet.

And finally, attach it to an earwire of your choice.

Don’t have an earwire to match your chain? It’s super easy to make one! I actually did that for my sister’s!

And here are my little beauties! **If you don’t feel like making it yourself, you can purchase one at my etsy store!**

I actually did it in the gold, because that was the only chain I had…but I’m totally loving the gold and turquoise together!

**Have a project you made using one of my tutorials? Show it off! I, along with all my followers, would love to see it! 🙂 I’ve started a new page on my blog called “Your Pictures!”, located right next to the “Home” and “About This Blog!” links at the top of my blog. Check it out for more information!**

Until tomorrow!!

10 responses to “Another easy pair of chandelier earrings: A tutorial

  1. I love that I can get all these great ideas at one site. On rainy days when I’m feeling creative I know I can just come here and there will be a project I’d love to do. Thank you so much for organizing all of these and sharing.

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