Happy birthday to my saaaster!

So after I was able to relax a bit last night, I feel much better today (even if it is raining outside, ugh!). The 7th was my sister’s birthday, and I get oh too excited for that day to come, because I love spoiling her with gifts! 🙂 When I was younger and got an allowance, I would spend it all on her haha. So this year, with all this creative energy I’ve had, I handmade everything. Needless to say, she loved it all! Of course she did, we have the same exact style!! She’s the easiest person to get gifts for! Thank goodness, because with all these other people in my life who’s so darn HARD to shop for, it’s nice to have someone like her!


So, I made this a while ago, but couldn’t post the picture, because my sister reads my blog. I got inspired to make it through pinterest (of course!) I LOVE this little guy, and plan on making myself one (along with the other things I made her haha)!


Did I not mention we’re OBSESSED with sugar skulls/day of the dead? Yes, I did actually, in my sugar skull earrings post! 🙂 Well, I had made this skull applique a while ago and ironed in onto some Heat n’ Bond, but I had no idea what I’d use it for. I looked through my gift ideas board on pinterest, and found this, and I knew EXACTLY what I’d do with it! Luckily, I had a piece of fabric that was just enough, and the perfect color, so I was so excited to give it to her when I made it.


And of course, no birthday would be complete without SOME sort of jewelry from me! I actually made these after a pair of Tori Spelling earrings that we sell at Michaels. They’re very cute, but with the black bead she had used, they were a bit too fancy for our taste. When I saw these turquoise beads that we had just gotten in, I knew I had to use them. She LOVED them and put them on the second she opened the box! 🙂


Now, what to pack it all up in?! I made her this freezer paper stencil bag a few months ago, and couldn’t decide if I should give it to her for her birthday or Christmas. Well, let’s just say I found another bag I’ll be making her for Christmas, so I decided to give her this one for her birthday 😉



Birthday girl requested these s’mores cupcakes that I had made (and failed, at least appearance wise) a few years ago. Well, this year I most certainly did not fail, they came out adorable, and so good! I got the recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, but if you don’t have the book, you can get it here! Believe it or not, I colored the frosting with….beet juice! Yup! If you know what beet juice looks like, you know I DID NOT need a lot to make this pale pink, therefore, you get not beet flavor! Beats (pun intended) that fake red dye that’s nothing but chemicals and sometimes even contains BUGS! Yeah…look it up.


And a special one for the birthday girl 🙂


Hope she’s making a good wish!!


Enjoying a cupcake!


Aww sharing with her mannn 🙂 Aren’t they adorableee?!


Happy birthday my amazing “little” sister!!! I love you!!!


Until tomorrow!

19 responses to “Happy birthday to my saaaster!

  1. This is such a lovely post! I have a younger sister too and its so much fun! Oh. My. Word. I need those earrings. I am sending this link to my other sister in boston to get me the supplies for it! PS recently heard that red dye comes from ladybugs so whenever I see red velvet brownies or cakes or anything, I just see squished ladybugs! 😦 Love the cupcakes!

    • Hahah it really is so much fun spoiling them! And I’ll be having tutorial posts on everything I made, HOPEFULLY this week 🙂 Because I’m making everything for myself! haha!
      Poor little lady bugs 😦 I’ve tried using beet juice for red velvet cakes…did not work 😦 So sad!
      Thanks for commenting!! PS, I haven’t notified everyone yet because I’m going out in a little, but I nominated your Cherry Avenue for some awards!! 🙂 check out my last (VERY LONG) post!

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