Sugar skull planter: A tutorial

Remember my sister’s birthday post? Well, since I loved everything that I made her (like usual), I’ve decided to make them all for myself (:) ), so I could put up tutorials! I’m starting with the sugar skull planter, and what’s great about this, and sugar skulls in general, is that you can go crazy with them. The more, the better! Doodle all over it and use a brazillion colors! I had a small planter on hand, but you could use whatever size you have, or want. If I had a backyard I’d make a gigantic one! Here’s where I got the idea to make mine.


I started by painting the pot white (obviously you could paint it whatever you’d like, but I wanted white). I also painted only one thin coat, because I felt like it gave a skeleton feel to it. I didn’t worry about getting the inside because you won’t see it with the plant in it anyway.


Then, I cut two circles out for the eyes, taped them on where I wanted, and traced (with pencil) around them.


Then, I painted the eyes black (once again, you could do whatever color you’d want).


Using my pencil again, I drew all my little designs on. If you’re a true artist, you can just free hand it.


For the flower around the one eye, it gets kind of sloppy.


Soooo, I just went back over it with the black to clean it up…perfection šŸ™‚


For the flowers inside the eyes, to make them even, I placed a little dot in the center, then at the top, bottom, left and right, and one in between. This was so I knew where to paint the petals.


After I finished up painting all my little details, I painted outdoor mod podge all over the pot. I probably won’t be putting it outside, but just in case, you’d definitely want to waterproof it!


You can google sugar skulls or day of the dead skulls and come up with your own design, or copy mine ;). There’s SOOO many different styles kinds out there though!


Until tomorrow!!

4 responses to “Sugar skull planter: A tutorial

  1. Nice! I paint glass vases with craft paints. Planters is a great idea! Spray painting first can also do the trick!

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