iPod slipcase tutorial!

So, I know I said in my post two days ago (where I made the iPod cover and then stamped it) that I probably wouldn’t have a pattern for it for a while because I didn’t love the way it came out, (wow that was a mouthful) buttttt…I played around today, and came out with an awesome and easy pattern! It’s really simple, and decorating wise, there’s so much you can do with it!  😀



I started by cutting two strips of fabric 4in x 13.5in and pinning them together to sew (right sides together!).


One was just a plain strip of cotton fabric, while the other (which will be the inside) was fleece (or flannel)….see how it’s thick and plush? You want that so the iPod/iPhone is cushioned.


Sew your fabric together, leaving one of the smaller sides open to turn it inside out. I sewed 1/4in from the edge.


Once that’s all done, flip it inside out (or really, outside in!) and take the smaller side that you DID sew closed, and fold it (fleece sides together) up 5.5in (enough that it will cover the iPod/iPhone). Pin it down, and then zig zag your edges closed.


Then, fold your top in, and using a small elastic string (believe it or not, I use the ones that hold shoes together when you purchase them! I save them all the time, and have a bunch of different colors too!), center it and then pin it down. I didn’t sew this edge with the zig zag option, because I didn’t think it would hold the string in, but I may try it next time just to be sure. To be honest, I’ve never used the zig zag option before today, and I’m kind of obsessed now! It makes sewing edges together SO EASY!


Now, sew your button on. You can do this step before doing any of the sewing, but I forgot to! Either way, it doesn’t make much of a difference. I just went through the top twice, so that the tail of the thread would hide under the button and I wouldn’t have to go through the fleece and make it look ugly inside!


Finally, decorate!! Also, something you could do before any of the sewing. I actually used a freezer paper stencil for my little design :). I know some of you are probably thinking, how boring it is, especially compared to the iPod cover I made the other day! But firstly, I didn’t want to use a crazy fabric that would take away from the tutorial of learning how to make the cover, and also, I just looove simple sometimes!


See how perfect the iPod (touch) fits in it! I tried the iPhone too, but because my husband has a slip resistant case on his, it was a little harder to get it in (that’s what she said *ahem*) but it still fit. If you decide to make one for an iPhone and it’s got a case on it, I’d just cut the fabric a half inch wider. You could also scale it up for an iPad (which is what I plan on doing it now that I’ve mastered it!).

Did I not say this was easy?! I think even a beginner could do this!

Until tomorrow!!

13 responses to “iPod slipcase tutorial!

  1. hahahahahahaha we are HUGE ‘the office’ fans! love the slipcase too! a bit bigger and i would also use it for my everyday necessities. do you ever change bags and think, “darn, its in my other bag!” problem solved, will try and make one of these soon x

    • Hahaha I couldn’t not put that in! It was perfect, and it makes anything you say funny =P. And yes, I change bags allll the time, and yes whatever I’m looking for is alwaysss in the other bag! lol They’re a lot of fun! I just made my friend one for her iPad, and it came out great! I just scaled it up 🙂 Thanks for commenting!! 😀

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