More stamping please!!

So, remember my tea towel stamping post?? Well, it got the attention of a fellow blogger, Clouds of Colour, someone who I now follow because she’s got an adorable blog!! She got to thinking that we should collaborate and stamp some more stuff, and asking me to do more crafts is always going to get you a yes!! So I’m so excited, because it kind of forced me to play around with stamping fabrics again, and it really is just so much fun! You definitely have to practice around a lot before doing it on something you don’t cant afford to ruin, because there are certain ways of going about it, and certain fabrics are easier to stamp than others (I’ve found out today!) So, I just now saw what Bec has done, and it’s awesomeee! She had told me what she was planning on doing, and they’re even cuter than I imagined. I, for the life of me, couldn’t come up with anything good to stamp! I thought of the obvious, t-shirts, clothes, stuff like that, but I didn’t have anything lying around that I could stamp up, and I (sadly) have NO money to buy anything. Then, out of no where, it came to me. I wanted to make an iPod touch cover/pouch for my niece for Christmas (if you don’t know already, I’ve started really early this year with Christmas presents, so that I can give handmade to everyone!). So I decided to do that! I mean, how much fun is it to make things for kiddies?! As for a tutorial for the iPod case….that won’t be happening, at least for a while…aside from the decorating part,I didn’t LOVE the way this one came out and it wasn’t so easy, so I’m going to play around with a pattern and come up with something :).


So, as for the stamping…my niece is young, so I wanted something fun and colorful, so I looked around in my stamp box and found something she’d like. I originally wanted it on the front of the cover, but I fudged up and stamped it upside down, so it ended up being on the back. I had these thick fabric napkins that my mother in law had given me to use as scrap fabric, so I went with that, since I had a lot of them I figured if I messed up I could try again on one of the others. Well, I did…I tried again, and again and again, but it wasn’t coming out the way it did in my first post! I came to the realization that it’s because the fabric was a lot thicker.


So after so many times, I was stuck with this…not too bad though!


All I had to do was fill in the little dots, and it looked fine. How cute is this stamp?!


Next, I wanted to stamp the flap that closes the cover, so I chose this cute heart stamp…the paint didn’t really adhere to the fabric, but check out how awesome it looked! I, myself am not a huge fan of leopard print, but my niece certainly is, and I think that the way the paint stamped onto the fabric, it looks very leopard print-y, right?!


Then, I stamped a little “t” for her name in the heart.


Finally, after I sewed it all up, I thought the front looked really plain, so I actually tried something new, blowing paint through a straw!! How cool did it come out?!





I think she’s going to loOove it!! 🙂

So now that you’ve checked out my post, go over to Clouds of Colour and check out what Bec has stamped, and send her some love!!

Until tomorrow!!


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