Chalkboard Frame!

Okay, so I’ve mentioned in a few posts that I’ve started with my Christmas presents reeeally early this year, and for my two nieces, I’ve made these awesome chalkboard frames! I’m kind of obsessed with chalkboard paint lately. I’m sure because it’s all over pinterest, but it’s all over pinterest because its just so darn cool! There are literally endless possibilities!


So today, I made two chalkboard frames. I purchased the frames at Michaels (only a buck EACH!). One, I used a spray paint (about $7.99)…


And another, I used a tube of paint (only 99 cents!!) and brushed it on.


Then, I painted the back and sides with plain ol’ acrylic paint, because whats the sense of using the chalkboard paint when you won’t write on it anyway!


I love how easy and neat the spray paint came out. It was dull, like a chalkboard, opposed to the other paint that had more of a sheen to it.


But then, I wrote on both of them, and cleaned them off using a wet paper towel. The spray painted one collected all the fibers from the paper towel, while the tube of paint wiped off perfectly clear! Then I rewrote on them to show the difference…

I’ve used the spray paint on other surfaces, such as glass, and it came out AWESOMEEE, but for wood, I’m sticking to the 50 cents paint!
At first, I thought that the girls wouldn’t appreciate my handmade gifts, but I think they’re going to like these! I mean I might even make myself one they’re so cute! 🙂

Until tomorrow!!


20 responses to “Chalkboard Frame!

  1. Eeeeeeekkkk you are WAAAY too clever. Love these! Once again AWESOME work mad crafter 😀 !!

  2. I thought I was the only who started Christmas gift planning early! Here in England we have bootsales and frames go for like 20pence. Awesome. A series of gift making would be fun! I’ll have to somehow include the same on mine. Oh, and homemade/handmade gifts are the best! xx

    • They are aren’t they!? I know I love to get them…this is the first year I’m truly trying to give all handmade, of course if I find something I know someone will love and I can’t make it, I’ll buy, but as much handmade as possible! This was starting so early, you can use coupons, and don’t feel rushed when you’re making something…which is the worst, because then it comes out awful! Thanks for commenting!! 🙂

    • If you look on pinterest there are so many pins on how to make your own chalkboard paint! I think it’s literally just acrylic paint and tile grout powder! Looks awesome!! I really wanna try it!

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