What’s In My Hospital Bag

So according to what I’ve read, you should have your hospital bag packed and ready to go when you’re 35 weeks–ya know, just in case! After reading a bunch of other people’s lists and talking to friends, I came up with a list that suits my needs and I figured I’d share it with you! This is something I’ve never gone through, so I don’t know if I’ll use everything in my bag, but I’d still rather have it with me just in case. Everyone’s different, and some blogs I’ve read, people didn’t bring half the stuff I’m going to, while others brought way more. It looks a lot more than it actually is–a lot of the stuff are small, and won’t take up too much room. Take a look, and you can get some ideas for what will fit your needs when the time has come! πŸ™‚


1. Camera, charger, and extra memory card

2. Comfortable and BAGGY pjs (you’re going to have some major pads up in there so no tight fitting clothes at least the first 2 days!) I got these ones from Target!

3. iPad/earphones (or iPod–I just don’t have one)

4. Chapstick

5. Robe (my sister got this one from Target for me πŸ™‚ )

6.Β  Hard Candies (the preggie pops don’t have crap in them, so I’ll bring those)

7. Skid free socks (your hospital may provide these-check!)

8. Flip flops for the shower

9. Obviously not necessary–but for fun, some non-alcoholic champagne to celebrate! The brand Fre is acceptable for pregnancy (and nursing mommas)

10. Nipple butter (I plan on using coconut oil, but since it turns liquid really easily, I opted for some solid butter for when I’m out and about)

11. Cash/change for vending machines

12. Mints (you’re going to have people all up in your face, make sure your breath is fresh!)

13. Phone/charger

14. Disposable nursing pads (I plan on using reusable, but I have a pack of the disposables for when I won’t be able to wash them) Your hospital may provide these so check!

15. Hair ties/bandana (I use a bandana to tame those frizzies so I don’t look like a hot mess!)

16. Toothbrush/toothpaste (one for the daddy too!)

17. Make-up (by no means do I wear a lot of make-up, but I do plan on packing oil blotting sheets, concealer, an eyelash curler, mascara, and some blush just so I look decent. I don’t need to have a full face of make-up after I give birth!)

18. Body wash and a loofah

19. Shower cap

20. Baby book/journal

21. Towel (I hear hospital towels are the worst!)

22. Nursing bras (I have two by Jessica Simpson that I LOVE)

23. Dry shampoo (my hair looks better the less I wash it, so dry shampoo is my BFF)

24. I’m on thyroid medication, so I’ll be bringing that

25. Boppy pillow with an extra cover

26. Going home clothes (aka the clothes I came in with, since I’ll still have a belly!)

27. Granny panties (I hear these are good if you have a c-section, because regular panties can lay on the incision, so even if you’re not planning on a c-section these would be a good thing to pack just in case!)

28. Snacks

29. Prenatals (still have to take them!)

30. Chocolate for the nurses (I read on a few blogs of people doing this, and I think it’s a great idea and they’ll appreciate it!)

31. (I forgot to number!) Depends…..I know…..I saw them on so many blogs though! I don’t know from experience, but they definitely seem better than the ones that the hospital provides. My sister, as a joke (kinda) got my Target’s brand of them. I’m pretty sure I’ll only need them for the first day and probably second, so I’ll probably just pack enough for that.

32. Don’t know how I forgot about this one—deodorant!!! That’s definitely something you don’t want to forget!

Now, for some things that aren’t on the list….

1. I live less than 10 minutes from the hospital I’ll be delivering at, so I’m going to lay out some clothes to leave at home for my husband to pick up IF necessary. You never know how long you’ll be at the hospital for, God forbid something happens that you’ll need to stay longer, you don’t want to wear the same clothes day after day. I also know that my husband would pick out something awful so I’ll do the picking out and he can do the picking up.

2. A bag in the car, for anything you may get from the hospital or friends/family.

3. This ones a big DUH, but I’m still putting it on here….car seat! Make sure you have one!

4. Envelopes/address list for baby announcements to write out if you have time/feel like it

5. Blanket/pillows for daddy (though most likely your hospital will provide)

6. ID, insurance card, hospital paperwork, birth plan

7. I’ll be making my own hospital gown (of courseeee), so I’ll be bringing that along with me as well πŸ™‚

8. A friend of mine suggested bathing suit bottoms for daddy to help with showering! Didn’t even think of that but smart, and definitely packing a pair!

Now onto baby! I’ll be bringing a diaper bag filled with just a few things. I know the hospital will provide a lot of stuff, but I like to use more natural products, so I’d rather bring my own.

babybag1. Chlorine free diapers

2. Receiving blanket

3. Vaseline (though I’m sure the hospital will provide this—I’m getting Bee circumcised, and Vaseline is what I’ll be using to put on the area afterwards)

4. A few onesies (in a 3 month span–don’t know how big Bee will be!)

5. Shea Moisture baby wash

6. Coming home outfit (yes, that’s the actual outfit he’ll be coming home in πŸ™‚ )

7. Chemical free wipes

So yeah, I know that sounds like an insane amount of stuff, but seriously, a lot of it are small things that won’t take up too much room! Hope you found my list to be helpful πŸ™‚

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19 responses to “What’s In My Hospital Bag

  1. Love this… A few suggestions that worked for me. Take it or leave it πŸ™‚
    Granny panties are a big yes but I loved the mesh underwear, be sure to take the extra home. I had two csections and the mesh underwear was awesome. I wore them at home til I ran out.
    Circumcision: vaseline is great but buy the squeezable tubes in the baby section at target. We got 4 tubes of the target brand (white tube with yellow cap, the up&up brand) and several boxes of gauze squares… The nurse told us to do this: open a gauze square by touching as little of it as possible, hold it by the corners. Squeeze a line of Vaseline on the gauze, then place on your little ones’ little one. Then put the diaper on as usual. This method was great because you want to avoid having to touch it as much as possible to avoid infection. We did this for about three weeks. Probably longer than needed but we were very particular about it healing right and being protected. Every time he has a checkup the Dr comments on how great it healed and looks.
    Note: we decided before I delivered that my husband would be in the room during the circumcision. My OB (who did the circumcision, and who I adore) said it was best not to be in the room. We trusted him and stayed in my room. Our son was gone all of 20 min and came back sound asleep. be prepared… It does look gnarly, husband likened it to a bright red Christmas light, or cherry tomato. It does get much better each day though.
    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and delivery! Best of luck to you and your family πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Kelly! I’m definitely going to go to target and grab some of the Vaseline in a tube and the gauze. And I definitely don’t want to be in the room while he gets the circumcision! I’d be a big ol’ mess!!!

  2. Talk to your dr before your bring your meds Most hospitals dont allow outside meds they give you the meds there. You dont want to lose anything The mesh underwear is great When I had my hysterectomy 4 yrs ago I wore them as long as I could I had 40 staples in my gut

    • Ouch! But good to know…I was going to double check with meds but didn’t think for that reason, mostly, I wasn’t sure if I go on any drugs if it will mess with it. Thanks!

  3. You’ll definitely want the Depends undies. After the first one you bleed quite a bit and instead of ruining regular undies, it’s nice to have stuff you can just toss. I also bought a bunch of huge old lady underwear that were okay to get gross and after I stopped bleeding I just tossed them out. That was the one thing I didn’t expect – how much I’d bleed and how long it would go on. Don’t be alarmed. The other thing I would recommend is to make sure the nurses give you a stool softener. It will be quite helpful before the first.. you know…..

  4. Hi. They have mesh like underwear at hospital already. I had to use it after my hysterectomy and my bff used it after giving birth. In both instances, we had fluids leaking out down there and I have to keep my incision covered. They basically cut me from my belly down to the bikini line where I have another incision from three previous cystectomies. The mesh underwear is very loose and though it is nothing like your underwear, you will welcome it because of that fact. Plus they have maternity pads to catch any fluids from leaking down there too. I hadn’t worn a pad in years for my periods for I had to use tampons, but these pads are huge and ultra absorbent and yesm bulky. But they do their job for sure, They don’t usually let you bring your own pads and tell you not to stick anything up there after delivery or any other female surgery. Please don’t waste your money on Depends. Ask for a few pads and mesh underwear to take home because after delivery and in my case, the abdominal surgeries, they will be welcomed for you won’t want any constriction around your belly and will want to catch any leaking. Though idk how a woman’s belly goes back down to normal but I suspect your stomach would be tender too after being constricted after 9 months of stretching. I guess…I really don’t know πŸ™‚
    I do love the coming home outfit. It is so adorable and he will need it since the weather has turned πŸ™‚

  5. Oh gosh, that seems like so much! Don’t overwhelm yourself…just remember, all babies ultimately need is a boob and a blanket. πŸ˜‰ I bought Always Nites (because they’re more absorbent) after I got home from the hospital with our son 3 months ago…I wish I had them there! Not sure you’d need actual Depends. Lol. There is a lot of bleeding afterward though, so be prepared! The hospital does provide a lot of stuff though. I wouldn’t (personally) bother bringing a Boppy…they’ll give you extra pillows if you ask. It’s just more to carry. I definitely wouldn’t bother with an extra cover. You shouldn’t be there too long provided all goes well! Best of luck!

  6. You’ve got almost everything but you forgot EARPLUGS. The IV machine makes a constant whirr, there are regular hospital noises, and with my second child there were a lot of other births so I had a roommate who’d had a most miserable delivery and emergency C-section so she was in pain.

    If this is not your first baby and you’ve used the coconut oil as a nipple cream before and you know it works for you then great. If not, I’m telling you babies suck with enough force to crush a pop can and you’ll want a lanolin cream to protect the Ladies.

    Good luck! May your birth be pleasant and quick (the pleasant part is possible I hear).

    • Ohhh good call on the earplugs!
      First baby, and I have lanolin for if it’s starts to get really bad, but I def plan on using the coconut oil!

  7. Oh wow, this is definitely your first baby! Lol I packed so much stuff in my hospital bag with my first baby, too! Here’s my advice:
    (1) Yes! Bring Depends, Camera, and Journal! A BIG yes to the journal! After I had my all three of my babies, I wrote in my journal while in the hospital. When you read back on your entries months and years from now, you will be SO grateful you kept a journal!! It is just so special to read the thoughts and feelings you were having in the exact moment you were having them! It’s an amazing treasure you can give yourself!

    And (2) go all out! Whether it’s baby number 1, 2, 3, 4, and beyond each pregnancy and birthing experience is beautiful, special, and unique. They are not all alike. Enjoy your beautiful moment because time goes by so fast and everything you do will truly be a treasure! My baby #3 just turned one-years-old last week and I already miss her being a newborn!

    Best wishes to you! πŸ™‚

  8. you are well prepared!!! packing the bag is exciting! i started carrying mine with me everywhere in the car a few weeks before the due date. so excited for you!!

    • Thanks!! I still have to pack it actually…I’ve been so crazy busy, but now that I’m done with work I can get some stuff done and this is #1!! πŸ™‚

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