Brilliant Earth Wisteria Collection

When the Community Outreach Coordinator at Brilliant Earth contacted me about doing a blog post on their new jewelry collection, I couldn’t have been more excited to jump on board! I’ve mentioned before, that both my engagement and wedding rings are from Brilliant Earth. Aside from loving the look of my rings, what drew me to Brilliant Earth the most was their ethics. They’re all about conflict free diamonds, and recycled gold, so I feel good when I look down at my beautiful rings!

Today, Brilliant Earth launched their new jewelry collection called Wisteria. Everything from the collection is absolutely breathtaking (hint hint to my husband! haha), and original. I highly suggest checking it out! I put together a style board with one of my favorite pieces from the collection, the Eucalyptus Diamond earrings. I just fell in love with these the moment I saw them. They can easily be dressed up elegantly or can fit in perfectly with your more casual daily look. BEWisteria

These earrings make me think of the rich greens and browns of nature. Brilliant Earth’s Wisteria collection truly takes it’s inspiration from nature’s beauty and elegance!


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