Do you know your ABC’s?

So last week was me and my husband’s 4 year dating anniversary! This year I wanted to make him something really special…I always think how weird it is to buy random stuff like electronics or expensive stuff that doesn’t really have anything to do with the celebration of an anniversary (not that I’m complaining when I do recieve them!) but I always thought that if your celebrating each other being together, the gifts should be about you. Homemade. From the heart. Sooo…I (and this is going to sound redundant!) came across a post on pinterest (told you! :)) of a flipbook someone made for their husband called the ABC’s of our life and love, and I thought “how cute is that?!” So, a few months ago I started cutting the paper for it…and let me tell you, it took FOREVER….so I said “well at least I got that done, I’ll glue it some other time.” So a few weeks later, I started gluing the paper together…and let me tell you, it took even longer! I got about halfway through and decided I still have a lot of time, so I’ll finish gluing another time….weeks went by and I thought about it, but was too lazy to finish it up. Finally, a few days to the day, I decided I need to do this now or it’s not happening. So my friend Tracy came over for our weekly craft day and I told her what I wanted to do, and thank the heavens, she gave me the inspiration to finish!!! We sat down, and I finished up gluing and we started my list…It’s funny, but when you’re actually thinking about it, it’s hard to come up with things! I didn’t want it to be too corny (it had to be a little, I mean c’mon, it is what it is!) and I didn’t want it to be nasty (I’d like to show our kids one day!) So we got the majority of the words done, and the rest came to me within the next day. I wasn’t about to hand write all of it, so I went to my parents house the day before and printed everything up, cut it all out, and glued it all on….for 5 HOURS!!!!! Buttttt, all in all, it came out PERFECT. I loved it, and he loved it. So, obviously I’m not going to post pics of all 26 letters, but I’m going to put up my favorites!


Nothing too fancy….I didn’t want it to look plain, but I didn’t want it to be all girly…I mean I’m giving it to my husband!

Because we love the Jack Johnson Song, and I love this picture.

Not only was this our first movie we saw together, but it was strangely similar to our relationship, so it means a lot to us. And not to mention that it’s a GREAT movie…I’ve watched it over 20 times, sometimes twice in a day! We actually went to the hotel that the movie takes place in on our honeymoon! (I believe when we got back home was when I watched it 2 times in a row lol)

I knew I wanted this one to be what an incredibly hard worker he was, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what to do as a picture for it….when it came to me I was so excited, he laughed so hard!!

My (and his) absolute favorite!!! I made a scratch off section on the paper, because he’s a scratch off lotto fiend and he LOVED it. FYI all you do for a scratch off is mix equal parts of dish soap and acrylic paint and paint it over contact paper, or tape. I used a sponge brush and I didn’t get any streaks like a lot of the tutorials on Pinterest have. But let me warn you…it’s addicting. The first time I made one successfully, I was like “what can I make a scratch off of?!”

Google map!

This was another one I didn’t know what picture I’d use, and when it came to me, I got really excited. He laughed out loud when he saw it.

I don’t think this one needs an explanation 🙂

Ok, I cheated with this one, but how many words start with X?! C’mon!

So, when I discovered picnik (which don’t get me started on how sad I am that it’s closing!!!!!) it was during Halloween a few years ago, and I got obsessed (understatement) with the zombie effects. I think I made us zombies in every picture that we had taken.

And lastly, I just slapped some stickers on the back to finish it off.

All in all, he LOVED my gift. And other than getting everything cut out and glued together, I loved creating it! 🙂

And just because…:)

Until tomorrow!!


7 responses to “Do you know your ABC’s?

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  2. This is my favourite idea ever for a husband gift! I’m going to make one too. Maybe in time for fathers day?! A family ABC love book? Thanks for the great idea!!! x

  3. I am actually working on it now, will post on my blog and link back to yours. i am so glad you posted these letters because they are hard and i totally snitched them! 😉 hope thats okay! x

    • Sounds good! Thank you :)And hey, if you need any help with other letters let me know! There were some I couldn’t think of, and when I finally did, or looked them up, it seemed so obvious! I mean of course some of them are specific, so they wouldn’t work for you and your husband, but just let me know!

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