Sunbathers dream….my nightmare!!

So a few weeks (months?) ago I, yes, you guessed it, came across a pin on pinterest. It looked perfect for when I go to the park with the pupperoni, and of course, for sunbathing at the beach. As a sewer who knows what she’s doing, I thought to myself, what an easy project, I’d be done in less than an hour……..not quite. I, not thinking, used REALLY thick, plush towels. It’ll be nice, now that it’s all done, but let me tell you that after one broken needle, stitching REALLY slow to prevent any more broken needles, and trying to pull the straps right way through, I was so exhausted, so tired AND CRANKY, that I was pretty much crying by the end of it…..ok, I WAS crying by the end of it. I am physically unable to stop a project once I get started. I made my mom a necklace for Mother’s day two years ago and HAND FILED a red rock from Sedona to fit into a bezel. I had started at 9 at night and ended up finishing at 2 in the morning. I had blisters on me fingers!!! But I couldn’t stop until it was finished. I believe that night ended in crying too lol. But SOOOO worth it, here’s a pic of the necklace!

Not a great pic, but trust me, in person it’s gorgeous…..if I do say so myself 🙂

But anyway, the sunbathers companion took HOURS, and I can’t tell you how annoying it was to make those stupid, stupid, stupid, straps, and then (my favorite part) to pull them through only to find that the seam had split open!!! By that point, I didn’t care, and I just sewed it close on the outside. Luckily you couldn’t really tell because the towel was so thick. So, once I was all done, I just let myself exhale, and took a look at it, and I was really really happy with the way it came out. Next time, because my sister won’t let me get away without making her one, I’ll be using thinner and smaller towels. Here’s the tutorial, and here are my pics…

Cute, right?!

Roscoe enjoying it 🙂


Check out the cute pom pom flowers I made today!

Here’s the tutorial for these guys! I love them! There’s endless ideas of what you could use them for, as she shows on her blog.


Until tomorrow!


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