DIY Easy Baby Blanket

I had my eyes on this whale fabric since before I got pregnant….and then once I did, it was just a matter of do I line the edges with satin or lace? Now that we now Bee is a little boy, I went out and got the fabric–and satin binding, and made this adorable blanket! I got the everything from Joann Fabrics and though I usually use coupons, didn’t have one with me yesterday so it all came to about $25. If I had a coupon for the whale fabric, it would have knocked off about $5 or $6, though $25 is still a really great price! I also have left over whale fabric, which I’m thinking of making a Boppy cover with ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s everything that you need: (I got a yard of both the whale and the grey flannel).diybabyblanket

Cut both fabrics to be a perfect square, with the plush fabric underneath. (You may want to clear out the middle of the room for this project, as once the fabric is cut you don’t want to move it–the plush fabric tends to misshape A LOT and that can get SUPER annoying). Pin them together, and very carefully, sew the edges. This doesn’t need to be neat, since you’ll be covering it with the binding, it’s just to make sure the fabrics don’t shift when putting the binding on.diybabyblanket2


Pin the binding all along the sides, and once you get to the corners, you’ll want to neatly tuck in the fabric to make a nice pointed corner. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR BINDING IS THE SAME ON BOTH SIDES!! You’re sewing the binding as close to the edge as possible, so you don’t want to sew through the top layer and realize it wasn’t getting the other side as well… happened A LOT with mine, it’s really annoying.diybabyblanket3

When you get to the corner that you started with, tuck in the binding like so:diybabyblanket4

I machine stitched the corners, though you could (and should) hand stitch them. I had to redo every corner AT LEAST twice before getting it nice and neat. You want it to be like the first sewn picture below….though after redoing it a hundred plus times, the second picture was good enough for me lol.diybabyblanket5

And there you have it! A cute and easy blanket for baby! I like to imagine that this will be Bee’s “blanky” that he needs to have when he goes to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚diybabyblanket6

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7 responses to “DIY Easy Baby Blanket

  1. Just a tip, start sleeping with it so that your smell gets on the blanket. It will soothe him when he is in his crib to have mom’s smell on this lovely blanket and he will feel safe. or you can ask daddy if he wants to do it. My husband did that with a t-shirt. He slept with it and when baby arrived he put it in the crib beside him, so that he would get used to daddy’s smell. Daddy will feel a little “abandonned” when baby arrives because baby doesn’t really know him so it’s a way to make him participate. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun with your crafts! I am loving all you are doing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh I love that!! I’m definitely going to have my husband do it, thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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