DIY Kid’s Trinket Box


I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a bunch of little stuff sitting around with no home. Rocks, shells, etc. I also know for sure it stemmed from when I was a kid! And Lord knows I had a lot more *stuff* sitting around my room with no home location haha! I was selected for the Blueprint Plaid Kids Craft campaign, and I think this is a perfect kids project! It gets them to get their little knick knacks off the floor, table, etc. , and it also brings out their creative side, and gives them something special of their very own. My favorite…it helps declutter your house! And as I’m going through a *nesting* stage myself–I like this part the best haha!

Here’s all the goodies I received for the campaign. I got the box from the dollar store (the Dollar Tree in particular). I’ve always loved Apple Barrel Paint because their affordable prices, so this is a super inexpensive project for the kids!trinketbox1

I started by painting just the top of the box with the non glow-in-the-dark blue paint.trinketbox2

Then, I used a fun painting technique to get a splatter effect on the top of the box. I added a little pool of the yellow glow-in-the-dark paint to a paper cup (ignore the purple paint, I reuse the cups sometimes!), dipped a straw in it, and then blew out onto the top of the box. **This is super fun for the kids, but you have to make sure they are old enough to understand that you don’t suck the paint up into the straw.** It can also be pretty messy, so it’s something to do either outside, or on lots and lots of newspaper 🙂trinketbox3

Check out how cool that looks! Kids would definitely be impressed with this technique.trinketbox4

Once the splatters dried completely, I took one of my stencils and dabbed a half moon with the green glow-in-the-dark paint, on the side of the top. When it dried, it became a bit see-through because of the dark blue underneath, so I simply outlined it with a paint marker I had to make it *pop*.trinketbox5

Once the top completely dried, I applied a coat of the Mod Podge Glitter. I have to say, I love this stuff! It looks awesome! I wish I could capture just how glittery it came out with the one coat, but the picture doesn’t do it justice.trinketbox6

Finally, after the top was all done, I painted the base with the purple, and applied the Gloaway over it.trinketbox7

I wish I could have gotten a picture of it glowing in the dark, but my camera couldn’t capture it! It looks super cool though and the kids would LOVE it!trinketbox9

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I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions in this post are my own!!!

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