DIY Freezer Paper Stenciled Onesies


Before even getting pregnant, I had a baby board on Pinterest filled with adorable stuff from baby clothes, to crafts, to activities. I had a little collection going on of onesies that I found that I knew when I did get pregnant, needed to make. I’m pretty sure all of these are available for purchase, (def. the Labyrinth one) but as a mad crafter, I like to make my own things….especially if I know I can get them way way cheaper! ESPECIALLY with baby clothes, that will be puked up, pooped, drooled on, and grown out of very fast, I don’t believe in paying a lot for. Thank goodness I’m crafty, because I DO believe in ADORABLE baby clothes! 🙂 I got these onesies from Hobby Lobby (except the yellow one, which was purchased from H&M) all for under $4. *And they were on sale for 30%, so if I was able to use the 40%, it would have been even cheaper. I had the freezer paper and the paint (I use regular paint and a fabric medium, or Martha Stewart’s paint which goes on everything) so all these cost me were the onesies. For the written ones, I used Picmonkey to write them out, and the skunk was a mixture of Googling pictures, and free styling some of it. Use THIS tutorial I made a while back to make your own! Don’t forget to get a range of sizes too so they can all get to be worn! I have sooo many more ideas for onesies that I plan on making in the near future 🙂 freezerpaperonesies2

*Note- Try sticking to lighter colored onesies, as the paint application looks much better. My Labyrinth one, while still ok, was a little spotty. It kind of gives it a worn look, so if you’re alright with that, great!

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