Craft Station Revamp Using FolkArt Stencils & Paint


I’m SOOO excited to share this project with you today!! I was chosen for the FolkArt stencils campaign! I’ve ALWAYS loved working with FolkArt products, so when I was selected, I couldn’t be happier! Here’s all the goodies I received for this campaign!sewingtablerevamp1

I LOVED the Moroccan Tile stencil I got, so I was super excited about my project. I knew I wanted to stencil the folding up sewing table that my husband got me for Christmas last year (so sweet–I didn’t even ask for one, but I’m always complaining about how my back hurts when I sew on the floor, so he got this for me!! 🙂 ). sewingtablerevamp3

I wish I had some sort of stencil adhesive because it would have come really handy with this very delicate stencil! I definitely got used to working with it towards the last 2 drawers, but the first one was a bit tough. I didn’t get it perfect, but I still love the way it came out! If you were looking for totally crisp lines, then I’d suggest using a stencil adhesive spray which they sell at almost any arts and crafts stores.sewingtablerevamp4

See the difference between the first and last drawer? I was a total pro by the end 😉 To match up the patterns with each drawer, I just held the last one up with the new one I was working with and aligned the stencil. Easy peasy! 🙂sewingtablerevamp6

For the drawer knobs, that just couldn’t be left black, I used the foam spouncer (I can’t live without these brushes, I use them for EVERYTHING), and a FolkArt paint (Aqua) that I had in my own paint collection. I loved the other colors that were sent to me, but I just loved the combination of these two colors!!sewingtablerevamp5

After it all dried thoroughly, I went over the whole project with Mod Podge (my other favorite thing I can’t live without!!) so the paint doesn’t chip/peel/scratch off, being that the table is made of a plastic laminate. So far so good!! And I LOVE my “new” sewing table! 🙂

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I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions in this post are my own!!!

18 responses to “Craft Station Revamp Using FolkArt Stencils & Paint

  1. The colors work well together! Not a fan of orange but with the turquoise, it looks good. As for that chalkboard paint, did you consider a small tag sized area on each drawer so you can write what’s inside? I love that chalkboard LOL Were the stencils sticky so they stayed in place for you?

    • Thanks! Yeah not a fan of orange usually, but the turquoise changes up the whole look! I knew that I’d be putting the sealer over it all so I knew that if I did the chalkboard it wouldn’t be able to be written on, but I will be using it all up eventually….I love the stuff haha. The stencils weren’t sticky, so a stencil adhesive would be a good investment! Lol

  2. I love this! You did such a great job paying attention to details that might normally be lost on my like lining the pattern up the whole way down the front.

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