Simple DIY Knot Ring

This ring is superrr easy, but also quite cute. I don’t know about you, but I love tiny, delicate jewelry. Less is more. Well, this little knotted ring, is just that. If you wanted it even more simple, you could even use just one piece of wire. I just couldn’t get a nice looking knot with only one….but go ahead and try! ๐Ÿ™‚

I started by cutting two pieces of thin wire wrapping wire (I believe it’s silver coated copper). You need to make sure that they’re long enough to wrap around your finger, and to tie the knot. I like a little longer, that way you have enough room for the pliers to hold onto and pull. I cut the extra off once the knot is complete. I wrapped the wires around a round object that was similar in size of the finger I made it for (but that’s only because I left my ring sizing wand at my sister’s!). Once a circle was complete, I turned up both sides of the wire, and twisted them around each other, and then under the ring. Finally, I cut the excess off, and using my flat nosed pliers, I tightened the knot up and made sure none of the sharp ends were sticking out. I only made one small knot, but if you wanted, you could always go around twice and make a double knot.knotring1

I just think it’s adorable! I made one for my pinkie too ๐Ÿ™‚knotring2(2)

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8 responses to “Simple DIY Knot Ring

  1. This is so cute and simple to make! There’s actual a very similar looking ring available on Overstock. This reminds me of it. Now I can make my own. So beautiful!

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