T-Shirt Remodel IV

While this is technically my original t-shirt remodel, I made it a little more girlie by adding some lace and ribbon flowers. First, I took in the sleeves, and added the elastic, just like my first remodel (click here to see that tutorial!). Then, because the shirt was SO white, I dipped it in some tea. Yes, TEA! I boiled some water in a large pot, and added 4 tea bags to steep for about 5 minutes. Then, because I only wanted it to be a little off white, I soaked my shirt in it for 5 minutes. Once it dried, I cut the ribbed neck off and made it a V neck, sewed some lace on the bottom edge, and finally glued the ribbon flowers I made along the side of the collar.

This might be my favorite remodel yet! I can’t wait to wear it this summer!! 🙂shirt2

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Until tomorrow!!


15 responses to “T-Shirt Remodel IV

  1. Your post is actually quite timely, as I have tried dying things in tea as well and they worked out great. (And smelled good and were non-toxic), however, they’ve all been cotton woven fabrics. I see you dyed here a knit jersey fabric, I’m currently sewing a t-shirt out of knit jersey, but don’t think it is cotton or fully cotton, likely poly or a blend and I was going to dye it first in tea, then do some embellishing. I was just curious if this T was 100% cotton or not. I just don’t know how tea “plays” with poly. fabric.

    • I actually thought this was 100% cotton, but I just checked and its actually 50 cotton and 50 polyester. It worked good enough for me! I mean, like I said, I only wanted it to be tinted, so I only left it in for a few minutes, but the color was perfect for me!

    • Ohhhh, if there’s a will there’s a way!! You should look into classes! It’s really not that hard…especially if you have a love for it 🙂

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    • I’m not selling anything but baby stuff in my shop (cheeky cheeky baby) at the moment. Thanks for your interest though!

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