DIY Cardboard Clock

cardboardclock1I don’t remember where the round cardboard came from, but as soon as I found it, I knew I’d make a clock with it. The clock in my kitchen stopped working so long ago, but I couldn’t take it off the wall, because there was a dark ring around where it hung (I’m too lazy to clean it up apparently, so I left it hanging for a year lol). You could very well just get a piece of cardboard and cut it into a circle, or even leave it in an odd shape. This literally couldn’t be easier. The clock piece was purchased at Michaels, using a coupon it came to be less than $4. Four bucks for a clock, isn’t bad!! Well–actually I purchased the number stickers as well, but that’s just because I was too lazy to cut numbers out myself!

Start by finding the center, and making a hole through the cardboard. Trace, and cut out a piece of your favorite scrapbook paper (I know the paper is different than what I ended up with, that’s because there was too much detail in the paper that the numbers didn’t show up very well.) I used Elmer’s Rubber Cement (no wrinkle) to glue the paper onto the cardboard, and there really were NO WRINKLES! Then–and this is optional, but I love the way it came out–I hot glued some braided jute string around the sides of it so you can’t tell it’s cardboard. Finally, I placed my numbers down (if using stickers, don’t press down hard until you know they’re all aligned!), followed the directions on the clock piece to install it (SO EASY, BTW), and there you have it! I have an adorable new clock (that works!) and looks perfect in my kitchen (though I didn’t want to get a full picture, because my kitchen was a mess at the moment lol)cardboardclock2

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8 responses to “DIY Cardboard Clock

    • Right?, I was going to throw it out because I was holding onto it to make a clock for over a year (I’m a procrastinator lol) but I’m so glad I Finally did it, i love the way it came out!

  1. heyy,…this is a damn gud idea……u hv almost made my school project… i jst have to get my hands gooing……..wud u pls keep posting ur fun ideas……like how to make a creative CD cover using cardboard?………that wud be great help!!

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