DIY Ear Warmer Headband

I don’t know about where you are…but it’s getting cold here! Luckily, we still get warmer days, but these cold ones are a killer! —at least for me…I’m a total wuss when it comes to the cold lol.

I have this problem. I have a freakishly small head for my body, and hats NEVER fit me. Funny story actually…my friend and I have the same problem (unfortunately), and we were in a department store this one time and tried on a hat…and oh Lord Jesus, it actually fit! We both were so excited, we just had to buy one. When I got home, I looked at the size…and no joke, the tag said infant 18-24 months. Don’t believe me? I have it sitting right next to me! I can prove it lol!

This head of mine is really annoying though! There are so many cute hats I see, and can never wear. I also can’t knit/crochet a hat to save my life, so that’s out of the question. So, this year, I decided I’d go with an ear warmer! This one all relies on the type of fabric you use, but it couldn’t be any easier. I used a soft fleece fabric for the underside, and a jersey knit fabricย  for the outer part. You could also very well use the fleece for both sides!

I started by measuring my head, and adding about an inch for room to sew (but the fabric’s are also relatively stretchy, so don’t make it too big!). As for the width, I wanted mine to be 3in wide, so I cut 4 (an extra inch for sewing the sides). I pinned and sewed the two pieces together, turned it right-side out, and sewed the edges together to form a circle. Just make sure the seam is on the under side (which was the fleece in my case), that way you don’t see it.

I decided to add one of my felt flowers on, because it was really plain, but if you used a pretty fabric there wouldn’t be a need for anything extra…of course, unless you wanted to! ๐Ÿ™‚

**Have a project you made using one of my tutorials? Show it off! I, along with all my followers, would love to see it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a page on my blog called “Your Pictures!”, located right next to the “About This Blog!” link at the top of my blog. Check it out for more information, and to see other fan pics!**

Until tomorrow!!


8 responses to “DIY Ear Warmer Headband

  1. LOVE these! I’m in the process of crocheting 6 earwarmers for Christmas presents and it’s not going to quickly (I’m still pretty new to crocheting). This seems like a much simpler, but still cute, option!

    • Awesomeee…should see the post I’ll be putting up tomorrow of what I made with a bigger felt flower!

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