DIY Pom Pom Garland

I’ve been in love with pom pom garland since the moment I saw this picture. Other than lovinggggg the colors, I just LOVE the look of the pom poms “floating” in the air. Now, while I really liked the look of YARN pom poms……ain’t nobody got time for dat! So, I went the easy way. I bought some pom poms from the kids department in Michaels. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it, as the pom poms look like cotton balls, but my goodness, after I strung them, they looked sooooo cute!! I also added some iridescent white pom poms, just to give it a little somethin’ somethin’, but without being gaudy (no offense to all you Christmas gaudies out there, I am just no into that! For me, the simpler the better!)

To string it together, I used a needle and thread. I measured the door where I wanted to hang them up, and cut the thread accordingly. I strung 3 plain white ones, and then an iridescent one until the thread was all used up. The distance of each pom pom is totally up to you! I put mine about every 2 inches or so. You could put tape or glue to keep them from moving, but I didn’t, just because they stayed in place once the garland was up, no problem. This garland is just so sweet! I love how they add just a little something extra. I made a few to go over the living room window, and the bedroom door. Can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas!! 🙂

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Until tomorrow!!


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