DIY Twig Candleholder

Every season, I get a million candles from…..a certain bath and body shop. I use them up and then save the glass containers for some various projects. I’m always trying to figure out new ways to use them, looking on pinterest for inspiration, or just everyday life. I live near a little patch of woods, that I walk by every time I talk my dog out. I grabbed a bunch of sticks to use for this project, so it was (kind of) free, which the exception of when I bought the candle of course!

I used a hot glue gun, but you could use your favorite glue. You want to get sticks that are as straight as possible, so they stand up against the glass nicely. I wrapped mine up with some raffia after I was all done!


I like to put the stick up to the glass before putting the glue on, so I know which side lays flat. Then, I squeeze a generous amount of glue from the base of the stick to where it would come up to the top of the candle holder. I continue this until its completely covered.


And after tying the raffia around it, it was all done! I think it’s a great way of recycling those candle holders. πŸ™‚


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Until tomorrow!


9 responses to “DIY Twig Candleholder

  1. Another lovely idea, these make cool vases and you can paint the twigs. Cinnamon sticks glued on baby food jars, great tea light holders and when the candle warms the jar inside it releases cinnamon scent.

  2. I can only reply in 3 sentences as i’m a visitor, but I meant to say votives, but if you put sand inside jar you can use tealights, it makes it easier to reach tealight and light. I make these for gifts.

    • I had no idea visitors can only post in 3 sentences–how silly! But yes, I was planning on doing it with the cinnamon sticks for Christmas actually! Great minds think alike I suppose πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks so much! Love the little collection you put together…if I didn’t kill every plant I brought into my house (or life lol) I’d SO make those plant markers! So cute!

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