Reupholster Your Car Door Fabric

Last year, I came across an awesome pin. To cover the {ugly} door fabric on your car! I don’t know what took me so long to finally do it, but I’m so glad I did. I LOVE the way it came out! The first time I did it, I was so excited, that I rushed and cut too much, so ended up having to redo it {typical me!} After that, I decided I needed to take my time and do it correctly! It wasn’t hard, but it WAS time consuming–so bring a lot of patience with you for this project!

What I used: Fabric Mod Podge, paint brush, orange wood stick (you could use anything thin enough to stuff the excess fabric into the crevasses), fabric scissors (and a pair of tiny ones if you have!) and of course, some awesome fabric! (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby).carfabriccover1

I started by making a general pattern for the door by putting some paper up to the door fabric. It was a little annoying to cut the hole out for the handle, so I cut it too small and then cut little by little. Remember!! You need it to be SMALLER than the actual handle (about 1/8in. around the entire handle), since you need the extra fabric to tuck under the plastic edges, and the entire piece of fabric needs to be about 1/4in LARGER than the entire section. Then, I brushed the Mod Podge over the entire fabric area (especially in the corners—don’t worry about getting it on the plastic, it will rub off once dried!) Once the glue was painted all over, I aligned the fabric, and tucked the excess into the edges until they weren’t seen. I found it easier to tuck in the outer part first just enough to hold it in place, and then tucked it in into the handle. Once the handle was done, then I went around the edges and finished neatly tucking the fabric in. If you need to cut any of the fabric, use small scissors so you don’t cut too much off! Trust me…little by little! You need just enough to tuck in to be neatly hidden, but not too much that it will bulk up.carfabriccover2

Once everything’s tucked in, clean up the excess glue on the surrounding areas. I used a wet wipe, and it worked perfectly. How cute is this?!?carfabriccover3

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19 responses to “Reupholster Your Car Door Fabric

  1. Your door came out awesome. Now if you were to sell it, maybe you could sell it for more because it has ‘custom upholstery’ lol
    That is really kool. I am totally going to have to try it 🙂

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  3. It’s so pretty!!!!! I’m trying to think how many miles I need to have on my van before I can do this w/o my husband freaking right out at me… I’m at almost 100,000 now, so maybe in a couple more years??

    • I know that’s part of what took me so long to do it I didn’t know what fabric to choose! When I saw this fabric though, I knewww!!

  4. This is cute and I will give it a go, but I will have my mechanic husband simply remove the door handle assembly and then pop off the panel – much easier. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  6. Did you remove the existing fabric first, or did you brush the mod podge directly onto it? How does fabric Mod Podge hold up to moisture, for example one having your upholstery shampooed or steam cleaned?

    • I left the other fabric on and mod podged right over it! I can’t tell you how the mod podge holds up with a cleaning, though I would guess not well as it’s water based. You could always try it out on something else!

  7. how would you remove this if i chose to change the fabric to a different pattern
    i decorate my car every holdiay and would like to change this as well 🙂

    • I’m sure you could peel it right off! Though you’d definitely have to recover it otherwise underneath will probably look dingy!

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