DIY Polymer Clay Bunting Necklace


Before I start this (awesome) post, I want to apologize for the MIA business I’ve been pulling lately. I hate excuses, but I’m just so exhausted all the time that I feel like I’m totally allowed to use this as an excuse….A few months ago I found out that my thyroid is all outta whack (thanks, mom’s side of the family!). There have been days (such as yesterday) that I literally can’t do a thing. I want to do a lot, but I can’t get myself to move. I hate napping, and I took a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day yesterday! I know I didn’t do anything to feel this way (staying up late partying–or staying up late at all for that matter), so when I started feeling this way, everyone I know (because everyone I know has some sort of thyroid problem), told me I should get my thyroid checked. The first test I took, came out a little low, but not low enough to be put on any medication. I was excited about this, because I hate taking medication (let alone aspirin), but I was also wondering why I was always so tired all the time!?  My doctor told me that I should get checked every month, and if it stays the same, every 3 months, and so forth. Well, the next test, my numbers came back high, so I was put on Synthroid. By then, I was just happy to be getting on something that could help, as everyone who’s taken it says how it’s like they get a whole new life, buttttt, I feel nothing. It’s supposed to have started working 6 weeks in, and it’s been a bit longer since I started. I’m taking another test within the next few weeks, so I’m hoping that I can get on a higher dosage because let me tell you….it’s SO not fun having all these crafty ideas going through your head with no energy to pursue them!!! Soooo, now that you know what’s up, I hope you can understand my non-posting days! And for anyone else who suffers from a crappy thyroid….I feel your pain!! It SUCKS!

So anyway, oddly enough–even though I worked today–I had some energy to get a little project that I’ve been thinking about lately. I hope you like it as much as I do! I got this idea from a recent episode of Modern Family (LOVE this show), where the oldest daughter’s wearing a necklace similar to it. I changed to colors around, but I loved the look!

Start by rolling out your polymer clay. Cut it into a long rectangle. Cut the triangles. Poke holes through both sides on the top. Bake according to directions. Paint. Once the paint’s completely dried, add jump rings, and attach to a chain. DONE!  **If you don’t feel like making it yourself, you can purchase one at my etsy store!**buntingnecklace1

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Until Tomorrow!!


9 responses to “DIY Polymer Clay Bunting Necklace

  1. I feel your pain with thyroid problems. I started out with Graves Disease and had my thyroid removed so now I’m hypothyroid. It has taken 14 months to get my meds adjusted and I’m still not there. It’s SO exhausting. Give yourself permission to follow your body cues for now. It’s just the way our bodies are and there’s nothing we can do.

    • Thank you for commenting. 14 months!? My gosh, that’s a long time…and VERY exhausting! It’s taken a while, but I finally have just started listening to my body without feeling bad (and lazy). If I’m tired, I do not push myself to do something that doesn’t need to be done (posts, crafts that can be done another day, going out, etc.), I just let myself rest. And it’s weird, but since I’ve posted this, I’ve been noticing I have more energy! I don’t know if it’s just in my head or what (since it started literally the day after I posted this), but I don’t care, if I have some energy, I’ll take it! Good luck to you, and again, thank you for commenting 🙂

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