DIY Doggie Heated/Cooling Pad

I came up with this great idea the other day, when my husband and I laughed at our pup stealing our spots when we got up. He’s done this a million times, and I know it’s because he wants the warmth from where we were sitting, but it made me think of a really awesome thing to make him. I’m sure by now, you’ve seen the DIY rice hand warmers on Pinterest. I even made a few pairs for a couple of people as Christmas gifts. I thought to myself, why not just scale it up (way up), and make a little pad for Roscoe to sit on. It can be nice and warm in the winter, and then in the summer, I can stick it in the freezer for a little bit to keep it cool. Well, I made my great idea today, andddd my little pup won’t go near it….lol. I really thought he’d like it! I imagined him all snuggled up on in 😦 . He is suchhhh a baby when it comes to new things. Every time I called him over, he’d run headfirst into my lap! Sooo, even though my lil’ guy doesn’t like it, hopefully yours will!

All you need is…a pillow case (or plain cotton fabric sewn on three different sides), and a bag of rice (this depends on how big you want to make the pad. Roscoe is a medium sized dog, so I used a 10lb bag. BUT the more rice, the longer the heat will last, so you could always add more rice to make it thicker). Fill up the pillowcase, sew the last side up (I sewed it twice to be extra secured), and warm up in the oven on the lowest temperature until heated through. I have a warming setting on my oven, so I placed the pad evenly on a large pan and kept it in the oven for about 15 minutes (but check it often!)


…”Please don’t make me do it mommy”…IMG_1568

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5 responses to “DIY Doggie Heated/Cooling Pad

  1. Haha he is so cute! If I made this there would be rice all over the place because my silly dogs would eat it!! Great idea! I’m sure he will “warm” up to it… see what I did there 😉

    • Hahah and maybe in the summer he’ll “chill” out……lol. Yeah I was going to make it all cute and have his name on it using the reversible appliqué technique, but then I was like, what’s the point, he’ll scratch at it and then the rice will come out! So it’s plain, but I’m glad I didn’t go all out, since he doesn’t even careeee lol

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