TP Roll Flower Wall Art: A Tutorial

I know these TP rolls are all over Pinterest, but I figured I’d make a post anyway, because not everyone is on Pinterest (I know, can’t even imagine!). I had this space over my dresser that I filled with some embroidery hoops covered with various fabrics. It looked cute, but there weren’t enough, and my lazy bum didn’t get any more. So when I made these TP roll flowers I knew exactly what I would do with them!

I started by cutting the rolls (or paper towel rolls)  into about 1/2 in circles.


I used Zots (or glue dots), but you could definitely use plain old glue. If you do however, you’ll have to pin them together using closepins until they dry.


I put a Zot on one side of the end of 5 rolls.


I glued them together in the center to form a flower.


I left two of them like this, and then added another row of petals to two more.


Now comes the spray paint!


I started by spraying a light coat.


After about 3 or 4 coats it was all done.


The only thing was by the time it dried, it had dripped a little, and you could see the brown through the paint. I didn’t really care, only because it was so far up on the wall that you can’t tell. I would suggest using some kind of primer before painting it though.


I LOVE the way they look with the embroidery hoops!

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Until tomorrow!!


13 responses to “TP Roll Flower Wall Art: A Tutorial

  1. Even as an avid pinterest-er I didnt see this. Might have to try it as cute dorm decor

    • It couldn’t be easier too!! You’ve GOT TO search for it on pinterest, you won’t believe the stuff that people make with them! Some people paint it to look like wrought iron! The first time I saw it I was like, there’s no way that’s toilet paper rolls!!

    • It reallllly does! I started out on it when it first came out so it was like 20 or the same pictures over and over again, now it’s crazy!!! It can take hours to look through a page, and then there’s still more! But I love it! I look through it when I can and I don’t let myself get too overwhelmed.

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