Challenge #7 (last but not least!) Ikea RAST dresser remodel

I’ve had my Ikea RAST for a while now, and I finally got my butt to finish it, thanks to my little challenge to myself! I don’t know why I forgot to take a before picture, but here is what it looks like. So, I’ve had this picture in my folder for way too long. I fell in love with this dresser the second I saw it. The colors, the print, everything. So, I figured I’d try to paint my dresser to look like it.



Here’s the dresser that inspired me…

I mean…how cute is that…?!?

I was too lazy to paint it, so I just told myself that I liked the way it looked with the raw wood. I started by drawing the flowers with a pencil. It came out pretty good.


But then I started painting it….and it looked terribleeee! It probably would have looked better if it were painted underneath and used a paint pen for the lines to get them nice and clean. I decided that it was really annoying to paint it all, and I didn’t feel like doing all three draws lol so I gave that up unfortunately!


I decided to cover it in scrapbook paper instead! I actually do like the raw wood, but not for the original way I was going with it, so I left it bare, and cut my scrapbook paper to the correct sizes.


Then, I mod podged the paper onto the dressers drawers.


The first one came out absolutely perfect, the second, a little bubbly but not terrible, and the third, was sooo bubbly. I put it on the bottom, so luckily, you can’t see it too much where it’s in my room.


Overall, I LOVED the way it came out!!! Like I said, it was originally in my bedroom, I moved it out to the living room to paint and take the picture. I actually ended up loving the spot that I put it in, that I might just go out and buy a new one to scrapbook all over again! Of course this time around I’ll make sure to use a cardstock so I don’t get any bubbles!!! Me no likey the bubbles!

Hope my challenges have inspired you!!


Until tomorrow!!


7 responses to “Challenge #7 (last but not least!) Ikea RAST dresser remodel

    • Of course! There’s nothing worse than working hard on a project for something to go wrong, when it could have been prevented! Next time I’m definitely using card stock paper. I’ve found you never get bubbles when mod podging it.

  1. So gorgeous!!You have definetly given me inspiration!!I am going to redo an old 3 piece dresser set for my bedroom and this is perfect instead of just paint!!Well done :))

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