Vegetarian Buffalo “Chicken” Bread: A Recipe

I’ve been trying to be better at making dinner ever night. I have been soooo bad with it the past few months, and I need to get back into the groove. My husband and I decided that every Sunday we’d write up a menu for the week, and then we would buy everything we needed for what was on the list. I feel this is the only way that we don’t waste money and food. I can’t tell you how many times we go to the grocery store and spend all this money and then get home and say what did we buy?! Usually when I ask my husband what he wants I get a “I dunno…” so I decided to look through Pinterest for inspiration. I came across this post, and immediately knew I’d be making it. My husband LOVES buffalo chicken anything.

Now, as you may know by now, I’m vegetarian. I don’t cook with meat (didn’t even like to do it when I did eat it), so whenever I make anything that requires a meat substitute, I always go with gardien. It is soooo good, and I’ve have countless amounts of meat eaters tell me they wouldn’t even know it wasn’t meat. I usually try not to eat the fake stuff, but gardien doesn’t have quite as much crap in it than oh….Morningstar? Boca? I can go on…..

For this particular recipe, I used the frozen scallopini. There really isn’t too much of a seasoning to them, just a little bit of lemon, so it’s perfect for recipes that you want to make your own sauce for. Needless to say, you can use chicken!

I started by making some pizza dough, but you could buy some from a pizzeria or the grocery store. I let it sit out for about a half hour to get a little softer, so it would be easier to spread out. Next time, I will definitely be doing it directly onto the parchment paper, as it was really scary getting it onto the pan. After all that work, to have it fall apart would have been terrible! Especially since I was soooo hungry for it! lol I actually like to roll my dough out without flour on the surface, as I’ve always found the dough usually just slides around on the flour, making it hard to stretch out.

Next, I cut up my gardien into large cubes, I used all 4 cutlets from the package, and added it to a pan to let it brown a little.

I made my own wing sauce using this recipe (I didn’t add the Worcestershire sauce, and I added some brown sugar to it), and after the gardien was cooked, I added half of the sauce to it and let it simmer for a little bit.

Once it was done, I put everything onto the pizza dough. I started by adding some ranch dressing (or bleu) to the remaining sauce and spread it out evenly, then, I distributed the gardien over it, and drizzled some more ranch dressing on top, and finally, sprinkled mozzarella cheese all over.

Now, like I said before…next time I will put down parchment paper so that when I roll it up, I can put it directly on the pan without having to lift it and and have it fall apart. I started from the small side, and rolled up to the end, tucking in the sides, and *trying* to place the seam down.

I baked it at 400F for about 20 minutes, but you should start checking on it after 15, as it browns quickly.

I let it cool off a little while before I cut in. The ends are all bread, as they were tucked in, but they’re still so good to nibble on while you wait for it to cool off πŸ™‚

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Until tomorrow!!


10 responses to “Vegetarian Buffalo “Chicken” Bread: A Recipe

  1. Yum!! Looks good! I heard that company is really good, I tottaly forgot I wanted to look up where I can buy it. I’ll have to make it for Trent and see if he notices :-p

    • It WAS awesome! I’m so bad with salads….I love them but I never remember to make them with dinner! I think its the washing part (<~~lazy ass) I think I have to just wash it all at once, and keep it in my salad keeper fresher-er!

  2. Ellen talks about Gardein. Cool. People need to know healthy doesn’t mean giving up good taste. Now they just need to figure out how to do it Gluten Free. I will drop to my knees and kiss the ground when that happens. Nicely done Nicole. Looks goooooood!

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