New tshirt remodel

imageHey y’all! I have this really cute shirt remodel tutorial for you today. It’s really easy and really inexpensive. I saw a similar shirt on Pinterest and fell in love. It was inexpensive but I also knew I could make it for cheaper (what can I say, I’m frugal).

imageI purchased a plain tee at Walmart for less than $3! I got a few sizes larger because I wanted it to fit baggy. I was originally looking for a baseball tee so I could use the sleeves as a pattern, but couldn’t find one. It was still really easy you just have to take a few measurements before cutting.

imageUsing a seam ripper, I took the sleeves off. This is a good step to do while watching tv or listening to music because otherwise it’s tedious and boring! As you can see, I also went a little into the shirt’s side seam. This will make sewing the new sleeves on easier.

imageI then, took the old sleeve and placed it on the floral knit fabric. I got this fabric from a while ago. You want something with a nice stretch to it. When cutting the new sleeves out you want to make sure the stretch is going horizontally. To get the quarter sleeve length I measured from shoulder to above elbow (you can of course make it longer or shorter I personally wanted this exact length). I also measured around my arm so I knew how wide to make the bottom. Allow an inch for hemming the sleeve bottom.

Find the center of the sleeve top and pin it to the center of the shoulder.

imagePin the sleeve onto the shirt!image

I used my serger to attach the arms, but you could use the zig zag stitch so it can stretch.

imageI then hemmed the sleeve bottom with a zig zag stitch. Because this particular knit fabric doesn’t fray, there was no need to fold under and pin (yay for lazy)!

imageTo finish it up, I used my serger to close up the side seams going all the way down to the side of the shirt where the seam was ripped. Again, you could use the zig zag stitch for this step if you don’t have a serger.

imageYou could stop at this step and have a really cute new shirt! I wanted to add the “wifey” design because like I said, I wanted to recreate the shirt I saw on Pinterest.

imageI used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the stencil out on parchment paper.

I applied the stencil with an iron waited for it to cool COMPLETELY, went over with black fabric paint, again waited for it to cool completely and then peeled it.


Voilà, all done! I love my new ($3) shirt! Hope you do as well 😀

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