DIY Canteen Remodel

imageHowdy!! As promised, I have a great post for this week, a remodel (my favs)! Baby boy and I go to the park a lot. I dispise holding a bag, even a backpack because that means I have to take it off to go through it (even more annoying ğŸ˜ğŸ‘ŽğŸ»). But the thing is we need water with all that running around. So I bought a (not so cute) $10 canteen bottle (here, though if you google it you can find them elsewhere for about the same price) and covered it with fabric, because c’mon, when you can add a little style you gotta! This works great if you’re going to a music festival as well as a ton of other events!

I had the fabric on hand, and purchased two yards of this thick cotton ribbon and slide buckles from Hobby Lobby. This is optional, I just found that the one provided was a little too short and some reviews said it broke easily due to how thin it was.

I placed the fabric over the canteen and using chalk, drew a guide where to cut. MAKE SURE TO GO TO THE EDGE so that you have excess fabric to tuck under the metal!!! Once cut, I used a flathead screwdriver to get under the metal and wedged it upward.


Once you finish the one side, turn it on over and do the other! I’ll warn you now, it’s time consuming! Another option would be to add a trim over the metal after applying the fabric so you could skip this step.


Then, using Mod Podge for fabric, I brushed it all over the fabric covering the canteen, and laid my fabric over it spreading any wrinkles out.


Finally, I finished with stuffing the excess fabric into the sides and closing it with the flathead screwdriver!

See ya soon!


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