DIY Basic Pedicure

I’m excited to be participating in Julep’s Perfect Pedi campaign this season! As some of you may know, among all the crafty things I do, I’m also a nail technician. I’ve posted some nail design tutorials, but realized I never posted how to give a basic manicure or pedicure. As this is a Perfect Pedi campaign, I’ll start with that!

Giving yourself a pedicure (or having a friend or family member do it 😉 ) is actually quite easy….aside from the the bending down of course! I put together a collage of the steps of the basic pedicure that I do with all my clients, and they tell me their polish lasts for at least a week!
Your basic necessities are:
1. Polish remover (I love my acetone because it takes a short amount of time to get the darkest polish off)
2. Cotton (I like the pads)
3. Nail clippers
4. Nail file
5. Cuticle softening cream/drops
6. Cuticle pusher
7. Cuticle nippers
8. Foot file (I love the one I have, it’s called Podorape {great tool, not the greatest name lol!!})
9. Lotion
10. Buffer block
11. Toe separators
12. Orange wood stick
13. Base/top coat (not pictured)
14. Dry drops (my favorite thing! I won’t polish my nails without it!)


Once your basic pedi is done and your base coat is on…get creative with that polish! As this is July and we’re just a few short days away from the 4th, I decided to go with a cute vintage patriotic design! I used a various collection of polish brands, but you can get the same look from Julep’s new line of gorgeous colors!


Here’s how I got this look!Image


Check out THIS tutorial for Saran Wrap nail art I posted a while back to get the same look!

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