DIY Bracelet Using Thermomorph


Have you ever heard of Thermomorph? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. I’m so glad I did! I received an email asking I’d like to try it out and review it, and after looking it up I got really excited. It’s moldable plastic pellets that you heat up in water and mold into any shape or form. If you’re into crafts like I am, you’d love Thermomorph!! The tub I received was from Amazon (<~~~~ click to check it out!). Not only can you use this stuff for crafts, but the uses are literally endless. Not only can you paint, varnish, and drill through it, but you can also melt it back down and mold it all over again! I used my Thermomorph to make a bracelet but I have so many ideas for it! As this is an honest review of the product, I have to admit it took a few tries to get used to it. The first few times I tried to use it, it started cooling down (hardening) before I was done so I couldn’t continue. BUT, with that being said, I just stuck it back in some hot water and played around with it until I got the hang of it. I also found that I needed the water to be a little hotter than suggested to melt the pellets, but after a few tries, I had no problems using this product and I have to say I love it!

I heated the water up. You don’t want it boiling. They suggest 60 degrees Celsius, but I went a little hotter than that. I then, added the pellets and watched as they went from white to clear. Once they clumped up at the bottom of the bowl, they were ready to be molded!thermo1

I had these silicone fondant molds (excuse the gross water stains–hard water stinks!) so they were my inspiration to make this bracelet. Working fast, I took the melted pellets out using a spatula (don’t worry if it sticks to the spatula, once it dries, it peels right off!), and rolled it out into my mold. I flattened it out as much as I could before it dried.thermo2

While still moldable, I used a glass bottle to wrap the band around and let it get hard enough where I could take it off and it would hold its shape. As suggested, I put it under cold water to speed that step up! (I’m impatient sometimes!)thermo3

All that was left was the painting! I spray painted it (the same color as the Ikea table in Landon’s nursery) –Satin Lagoon by Rustoleum, and once dried, I rubbed some gold paint over it to give it a little sumtin’ sumtin’! I LOVE this bracelet and truely love Thermomorph! thermo4

Disclaimer: I was sent a free tub of Thermomorph to review, but all opinions in this post are my own!!!

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