DIY Alphabet Wall

Remember Landon’s alphabet wall in his nursery?

The one that was made at one of my baby showers by friends and family?letters3 letters2 letters1 letters4

Well I’m going to show you how I easily put them up on my wall!

Because the letters I used were so lightweight, I used Command Velcro strips to hang them up. On some of the heavier ones, I used two. I figured out how many I needed, and bought them at Michaels (using coupons of course)!

I started by taping off the spot on my wall. I used painters tape so it wouldn’t peel the paint off! (sorry for the worst pictures of all time–it was dark in the room when I took these!)alphabetwall1

Then I measured that spot, and replicated it on the floor using tape.alphabetwall2

I arranged the letters, took a picture, and then with the help of a sister, I stuck the Velcro (both sides) to the back of the letters, peeled the backs off, and arranged them on the wall according to the picture. Easy peasy!alphabetwall3



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