Happy Transfer Day Anniversary To Us!

Yesterday, my family and I celebrated the one year anniversary of the transfer of Landon’s 5 day old embryo. I remember going home after the appointment and rubbing my belly and saying “please hold on tight, do what you gotta do!” And he did! I got the call a week later telling me that I was pregnant! Landon gave me the best pregnancy ever! I was lucky enough to say I never once said “get this baby out of me!” I enjoyed it till the very end, even when my ribs felt so sore it was hard to breath! Though after what I went through just to GET pregnant, I deserved that 🙂

To celebrate, I made a “worth it” onesie for Landon to wear, a cake, and my parents and sister (who live a few apartments away) came by. I wanted to watch a baby movie, and we came up with Labyrinth……….there’s a baby in the movie……..as if you need an excuse to watch Labyrinth!!! Or, ask my mom and she’ll tell you the metaphor of how it’s about my fertility journey lol.

Anyway, this lucky little IVF miracle baby will forever get two “birthdays” to celebrate, and his father and I am so excited to celebrate with him!

For anyone reading who doesn’t know my IVF story, read more about it here!


meandlandon   melandonkeith


Maybe he’ll be more excited about celebrating next year….. 🙂landonsleeps


8 responses to “Happy Transfer Day Anniversary To Us!

  1. How cute! What a special day to celebrate. I love his outfit. You did such a good job making that baby 🙂 I wish I was as strong as you to never say “Get this baby outta me!” My pregnancy was so rough, and I tried really hard to have a good attitude, but that last month was pretty ugly. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m so glad we became friends 🙂

    • Thank you! Oh after reading about your “morning sickness” aka basically throughout your entire pregnancy sickness, I understand you not feeling fab in that last month! But you did it! And an awesome job as well 🙂 glad we became friends too, wish we were closer, I’m in dire need of a mommy-of-a-baby-Landon’s-age play date! lol

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