I’m Not a Valentine’s Day Hater Anymore


As I lay in bed last night thinking of how silly of a day Valentine’s day is (no offense to you V day lovers out there!), I came to a realization. I don’t believe that the day should be about giving expensive gifts and celebrating me and my husband’s love. It SHOULD be about celebrating LOVE IN GENERAL.

I’ve always disliked Valentine’s day (even when I WAS in a relationship with someone), because I felt like it was just a pressured Hallmark day about giving expensive gifts and forcing you to celebrate you and your significant other’s love. While a lot of anti-Valentine’s day people say “you should be treating your loved one like that everyday, not just the one day”, I personally don’t see anything wrong with taking one day and celebrating each other. Throughout the years you have bumpy roads in relationships. While you love that person, sometimes you forget why you fell IN love because the stress of life gets in the way. That one day gives you the chance to stop and remember WHY you love each other. To remember how you felt in the beginning! When you wanted to be with that person non-stop and if you were apart it hurt. That one day is me and my husband’s anniversary. Actually, we celebrate both dating and wedding. Without the dating anniversary there would be no wedding anniversary!

Now that I have a little man, I want to teach him all things beautiful. Love is an amazing thing and SHOULD be celebrated on Valentine’s day! Not by buying gifts for people, but by doing fun things like crafts that revolve around love, watching love-y movies, and baking goodies in the shape of hearts! Do these things with the people you love! Celebrate the IDEA OF LOVE!

LOVE you all


4 responses to “I’m Not a Valentine’s Day Hater Anymore

  1. Great post! I completely agree. This was the first year I didn’t hate Valentine’s day. I think it’s because my perspective of love has changed so much since becoming a mom. That handsome little man sure is lucky to have a mama like you 🙂

    • Thank you! Isn’t it crazy how much you change once you become a mom?! It’s really something you can’t explain!

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