DIY Wood Grain Pillow (Using NEW Mod Podge Rocks Stencils)

Hi! Haven’t seen ya for a while! 😉

When Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks asked me, and a bunch of awesome other bloggers, to help launch her new line I couldn’t say no!! One, I love stencils. Two, I love the Mod Podge brand. And three, I knew if I signed up it would FORCE me to do some crafting (which I haven’t been able to do much of since I’ve had the little squirt)!

I opted for the wood grain stencil, because I love me some wood grain!woodgrainpillow1

I decided to make a pillow, and while the stencil didn’t stick as well to the fabric as it would to a flat surface (it’s GREAT for glass!) it stuck enough to give me crisp lines without any bleeding. These stencils couldn’t be easier to use! Just peel, stick, paint, and repeat (YES, they are reusable! 🙂 )woodgrainpillow2

To repeat the pattern, I’d just match the grain from the first job with the stencil while placing it down. I did make a little whoopsy daisy when aligning the last print, but I knew I wanted to make a heart with my boy’s initials in it anyways, so it worked out perfectly and I just went over my booboo. I DID want to stitch the heart and initials, but unfortunately  the weather has been TERRIBLE here so I haven’t been getting out too much and get to any craft stores 😦 I still think it came out cute!woodgrainpillow3

After it dried, I ironed it to set the paint, sewed it all up and stuffed it! Love the pillow and I love the stencil! Get yours at a Michaels near you 🙂 Congrats Amy Anderson on your new line!woodgrainpillow4

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5 responses to “DIY Wood Grain Pillow (Using NEW Mod Podge Rocks Stencils)

  1. OHHHH my gosh! I LOVE faux bois so much. That stencil is delicious. That pillow is so cute. I’m going to need to get my hand on that stencil and do some creating of my own. Great project 🙂

  2. This is exceptionally cute! Love the use of the stencil – it’s amazing how well they stick. I stenciled a canvas book and it worked great!

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