Landon’s Nursery

So I HADDD planned on posting this a little over a week ago, but I ran out of room to upload pictures, and then between moving, and everything else going on, it just didn’t happen! So here it is!! Landon’s beautiful nursery!! One that I do not mind feeding and changing my little boy in all day every day πŸ˜‰


Full view of the left side, including my lovely stripes (that took this 8 month preggo a very long time to do!) lol

The letters that I had everyone at (one of) my showers paint! I can't even describe to you how much I love these....not only do they LOOK AWESOME, but they're soooo meaningful!

Full view of the right side of the room


Jack Johnson wall art πŸ™‚


Gotta hang my beautiful baby carriers and diaper bags somewhere!!

The letters that I had everyone at (one of) my showers paint! I can't even describe to you how much I love these....not only do they LOOK AWESOME, but they're soooo meaningful!

The letters that I had everyone at (one of) my showers paint! I can’t even describe to you how much I love these….not only do they LOOK AWESOME, but they’re soooo meaningful! Also pictured, my changing station remodel! I got this awesome piece from Craigslist (for$35!!) and painted it to match the room. I LOVE the way it came out!


Once of the changing pad covers I made…love this fabric!


My bench remodel! I wish I had taken a before pic of this thing. It was grungy! But it was at the apartment we lived in when I was a baby, then it followed me to our house when we moved (and of course got covered in furry leopard print fabric lol), then to me and my husband’s first apartment (in a much nicer fabric, though I never took the time to paint the disgusting rusty metal frame), and now it’s followed us to our new apartment, so needless to say, it’s a bit of a sentimental piece of furniture πŸ™‚


I couldn’t find a nice bed skirt, so I made one! It compliments the rest of the room perfectly!


Cloud mobile that I made using my new awesome Silhouette Cameo my mother in law got me for my shower!


Had to add some more *boy* into the room, and what’s more boy than this awesome dino lamp?! (that took me over an hour and a half to put together I might add!!)


The most comfortable chair in the world….I definitely don’t mind sitting in this guy for the amount of time that I do! Also–pillow I made using fabric bought from Spoonflower.


Table remodel. This Ikea hack used to be black (and showed every speck of dust and grime that touched it)! I love my new table!


Once of the cutest gifts I received… “A mommy pot….for the short stem flowers the children bring home” While I won’t be getting any short stemmed flowers picked for me just yet, I love looking at it!


My boy PJ bear all cleaned up and waiting to hang out with his new BFF!


This has nothing to do with the nursery, but I had to share this AWESOME Craigslist steal I got! This Mamaroo swing is usually $200+, and I got it for $75! My Landon LOVES it!!


Nice and organized closet (I wish mine looked like that!)

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17 responses to “Landon’s Nursery

    • Thank you! The color on the wall is Frost, by Behr and the grey is Chinchilla by Martha Stewart (though, surprisingly, I didn’t love the way this went on as much as Behr).

  1. What a beautiful nursery! I love so many aspects of the room. I especially love the letters that you had everyone paint! Whenever it’s my time I think I’m going to steal that idea!! You are so creative and organized. Congratulations again!!

    • Thank you so much! Definitely steal the idea! I stole it from pinterest! lol In fact, I store just about everything from pinterest! hahah

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  3. Oh my gosh, SO cute! I love the color scheme, that pillow fabric is amazing. And his room is HUGE! =) And CL steals are the BEST. We just moved and I scored a like-new front-loading washer/dryer for $500 that were originally $3000 for the pair. *pats self on back*

    • Thanks!! Yeah his room is bigger than me and my husband’s room in our last apartment! lol lucky kid has a good sized room!! Omg your CL find def beats mine!! That’s awesome!! I’m excited for you! lol

  4. Your nursery looks great! I was wondering what chair that is, since you said it was the most comfy chair!

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