Picture Frame Christmas Tray


I’m so excited to be a part of the Martha Stewart Holiday Campaign! I can’t express just how much I love pretty much EVERYTHING that Martha sells. Her products are always above and beyond, and always stylish. I got so many Martha Stewart Crafts to work with it was hard to chose what to do! I decided to use the glass etching cream (which works AMAZINGLY!!!), a few of the decoupaging strips, and the glass paint.

I purchased this frame from Michaels last year for less than $4. They have sales on these frames ALL THE TIME.tray1

Here’s all the goodies I got! Stencils, decoupaging trims and papers, paintbrushes, glass paints, glossy decoupage, matte decoupage, glittered decoupage, opal decoupage (all which are dishwasher safe!!), and glass etching cream. Did I not say I got so much?! Yeah…it was tough to decide what to use, though I know I’ll be using it all eventually!! You can get all of these products from Michaels by the way!tray2

I started by etching the snowflakes onto the glass, which couldn’t be easier. I arranged the reusable snowflake stencils, applied the cream on with the provided brush, waited the suggested time, and rinsed it off.tray3

Next, I took the mat and decoupaged some of the metallic trim on. I put the matte decoupage on both the actual mat and trim, and once it dried, I brushed it over the whole thing.tray4

Next, I used some of the glass paint to add a little somethin’ somethin’.tray5

I put the frame all together to make sure it all looked good, and then added some drawer pulls to officially make it a tray.

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Disclaimer: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Blueprint Social however, the opinions are all mine! 🙂

7 responses to “Picture Frame Christmas Tray

    • Thank you! I used the etching cream to etch the snowflakes (used stencils). It so super easy to use and I love the Martha one better than others I’ve tried that tend to get a little streaky. You just have to be super careful while drilling the hole and slowly! 🙂

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