DIY Cardigan Onesies

I’ve seen these guys all over Pinterest and knew that I had to make some for my little guy! They honestly were sooo super easy, I probably finished each one within 15 minutes. All you’ll need for this project is a onesie, double folded binding tape, some buttons and thread. A sewing machine would be super helpful and make things go a lot quicker, but it’s definitely possible to hand sew.

For anyone who’s curious, I got these specific onesies from Kohls. Wherever you choose to purchase your onesies from, you have to make sure that the bottoms close like pictured: the front UNDER the flap. You’ll see why!onesiecardigan1

Start by cutting down the center of the onesie, and then marking/cutting the “v” shape. Cut to the seam, which is hidden under the top flaps.onesiecardigan2Next, take your binding and starting under the top flap (I didn’t really care to do this neat, since it won’t be seen), pin it along the raw edge of the center. To finish it off on the bottom (and this could be done to the top if you were making this as a gift/to sell) fold the edge in, and then pin it down to make it nice and neat. Do the same to the other side, and then sew down to finish.  (Now you can see why you want the type of onesie that snaps closed that way, so that you the ends are nice and hidden!onesiecardigan3I made the buttons functional, but this part is optional. You could very well just sew the buttons on to both layers and you’ll be done! I just figured out how to make button holes and sew on buttons using my *new* sewing machine so I was really excited to do it lol. I started by laying the buttons out where I wanted them, and marking the length. Make sure to mark a bit wider than the actual button so that they’ll go through the hole!!!! Once you have all your marks, bring it over to the sewing machine and make those holes!!! I’m sure if you don’t know how to do this, or have lost your sewing machine instructions, there are You Tube videos out there. Just make sure you practice on a piece of scrap fabric! onesiecardigan4

Once the holes are done, mark where your buttons should go, and sew them on by hand or machine. You’ll notice when you put the buttons though, the binding gets a little warped, all you have to do is stretch it out a little bit and it will align and fall into place.onesiecardigan5

I love these guys so much and can’t wait to see my little man in them!! I definitely plan on making some matching bow ties  to go along with them 🙂 (BTW-check out the fabric the cardigans are laying on—I painted that pattern on! Tutorial soon to come!)onesiecardigans6

And here’s an update of my Landon wearing one on Easter!!!


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