DIY Baby Bib

Let me just start out by saying, at the moment I have about oh, a million bibs. So, while I don’t need to have/make anymore, I wanted to make a plain one to freezer paper stencil something on. The process is SO super easy, if you have any sewing experience at all, this is an easy project for you. I definitely plan on making more cute ones with some scrap fabric I have laying around from other baby projects I’ve made!

Start off by using a bib you already have as a pattern, and tracing it onto some fabric. I used duck canvas on one side, and a plain cotton fabric for the back. Cut it out leaving some extra space for sewing, and then use that as a pattern for the other fabric. I pinned the piece on and then cut around it, as I found it easier this way. Use the chalk marks as your guide to get the perfect seam. Don’t forget to leave a little opening to pull it all through!DIYbib1

Next, you want to snip the curved sections so that once it’s pulled right-side out, it will lay nice and flat. Turn it through and then iron. You could then, just simply sew the hole closed, or you can do what I did, sew a seam around the entire edge. I used a brown thread for some contrast. Finally, put the closures on. I used these snaps just because I had them, but if you have a snap…gun? Puncher? (I don’t know what they’d be called!) or just some plain velcro, you could–and should (I actually didn’t love these snaps for this particular project), use that.DIYbib2And that’s it! All done! (Excuse the terrible picture–there was a stinkbug outside staring at me so I had to snap this really fast so I could run back inside!!)DIYbib4

Now, like I said, this is a super plain one (which I actually like just like this–I’m more of a less is more type of girl, so I may even make a few more of these!), but you could go crazy and do whatever you want. I’ve seen some cute patchwork bibs out there, or embellish it with something cute (just make sure that baby can’t take it off and eat/choke on it!), or you could do what I did…and freezer paper stencil something on. I made this particular one for my hubby, when him and Bee are having some daddy/son time. I knew it would make him laugh, as he’s a huge Anchorman fan! The font I used was called Ultra on Picmonkey.DIYbib3

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3 responses to “DIY Baby Bib

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  2. I like your bib tutorial. They are simple and really easy to follow. The pictures you provided made it more clear. I think making the bib adjustable should be considered so that when the baby grows in size, you can just make sure that the bib still fits.

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