DIY Bathing Towel Apron

I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course!) and thought what an awesome idea! When pulling babies and kids out of the bath, you can just cuddle with them and dry them off at the same time! I took a good look at the pic, and figured out how to make it. It’s super simple, and a GREAT baby shower gift!

I used a towel I had from home. We have collected way too many towels in this house and no room for them, so I figured I’d give one a good use other than sitting in the closet. I loved this print with the light blue (which was actually a pillow case–same thing, we collect this stuff without realizing, I tell ya)! You can either purchase 1 or 2 yards of the cotton fabric for this project (I’ll explain in the second step).towelapron1

The top part of my apron measures 14in. This will all depend on how much coverage you need though. I just put the towel up to my chest to see what I should cut.towelapron2

Now, because I used a pillow case, I didn’t have a full 70in of fabric to work with for the ties, so I just sewed two pieces together to make the 70in. You could do the same, if you don’t have enough fabric, or want to purchase less. You could honestly barely even tell, it’s just that the full 70in would make you have one less step. *Make sure you go through both sides of the strips when sewing!*towelapron3

To finish the ties off, just simply sew the rest of the edges together.towelapron4

And that’s it! I guess I’ll have to update this post with a new picture when I have a baby to use it with! πŸ˜‰towelapron

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13 responses to “DIY Bathing Towel Apron

  1. I found that it is hard to find shorter towels at the stores, so I am using a normal bath towel, but adding snaps at the bottom corners to be able to create a pocket at the bottom and shorten the length, It can be opened when they go to dry off the baby, but left short when bathing the child. I just didn’t want to cut off the finished edge of the towel at the bottom.

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