DIY Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf

I came across this infinity scarf-turned-breastfeeding cover post on Pinterest, and thought to myself…that’s an amazing idea! It took no time at all to figure out how to make it, and I spent less than $5! I definitely plan on breastfeeding (of course if there are no complications, knock on wood) when Bee arrives, and I am NOT the kind of person who can whip her boob out in front of people… I’m also NOT about to get into a breastfeeding discussion, as it’s just about as *touchy* of a subject as politics and religion. I’m simply stating that I don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. I’m not grossed out by it, and I don’t feel uncomfortable around others who do it, but it’s just not for me. So this particular scarf was a fabulous idea for me, and people who feel like me. It will also be perfect because I’m due in the winter….when I’ll be wearing scarfs! πŸ™‚

For this project, I purchased just 30in of a nice and light jersey knit (stretchy) fabric that was 60″ wide. I’m of average size, so you may need more or less fabric depending on your size. The standard widths of fabric are 36″, 45″, and 60″.Β  I bought my fabric from Hobby Lobby for less than $5 (I think on sale? If it’s not–you know me, I used a coupon!) I liked the neutral look of it, knowing it will match a lot of outfits. **NOTE–if you chose to use another fabric that can fray, you’ll need to finish the edges before sewing it all together! Stick with the jersey knit and you don’t have to worry about it fraying πŸ˜‰

Start by laying your fabric out. Mine was 60in x 30in. I folded the fabric up (right sides together). *It should now measure 30in x 30in*. Pin the opposite side of the fold, and sew. Once sewn, cut close to the seam. (BTW – those two lines in the pictures are just sun escaping through the window, they’re not a part of the tutorial!)nursingscarffinal

And that’s it!! Did I not tell you it was THAT easy?! I definitely plan on making a bunch of them as they’re super comfy and convenient! πŸ™‚Β Β Β  …..BTW, I HATE “selfies” and wish I had a better picture of the scarf, but I had no one to take it so this will have to do! –It gets the point across πŸ™‚ (P.S.–this scarf below was made with a 60’x60′ piece of fabric rather than the 30’x60′ that I suggest in my newer tutorial as I wanted the scarf to be a bit tighter when wrapped around. If you’re looking for more of a loose scarf like the one pictured below, use 60’x60′ πŸ™‚ )infinitybreastfeedingscarf3

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117 responses to “DIY Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf

  1. This is great! I recently finished nursing my daughter and I wish I had known about this…so much easier than bringing a blanket everywhere and trying to hook it into my bra so it doesn’t fall down. I will definotely be replicating this for my preggo friends (among several of your other baby DIYs)!

    • Aww too bad I’m a day too late! But I’m glad you’ll be able to share it with some friends! πŸ™‚ when I saw it on Pinterest I was just like wow what an awesome (and super obvious!) idea! What would we do without Pinterest?! Lol

  2. Okay, maybe I missed something. I am not the best at sewing, but if you sew up the shorter sides, how does the scarf stay up with such a large opening left on the longer sides?

  3. as a nursing cover, but I think I found what I did wrong. When I cut lengthwise, should I have 2 pieces that are 36 long and 30 wide, assuming that I bought 1 yard and it was 60 wide? And when I sew the ends, I would be sewing across the 30in side? sorry I am not a person that sews.

    • It’s ok! Yeah the fabric I purchased was 60 wide…since my pictures weren’t great, I also wrote out what I did so if you read that it might be more helpful than looking at the terribly drawn picture haha..and it may be a little baggy, but you would adjust it so it covers what it needs to cover in the front and then it would hang a little loose in the back…you don’t want it to be too tight.

  4. This is super cute! Did you just kind of roll up the fabric to make it look like a scarf? Then unroll it when you want to use it as a cover?

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ Yeah it rolls up pretty much on its own when you wear it as a scarf!

  5. You know, with all of this crafty stuff your making for your baby, you’re not leaving room for anyone to give you baby shower gifts!

    • Haha yeah well I can definitely say I won’t be making a crib or stroller anytime soon! πŸ˜›

  6. I think you meant to cut it width wise. I followed the instructions perfectly (cutting it length wise) and it went down to my feet. I then realized I should have cut it width wise. I tried to sew it back together and start over but it just looked messy.

    • I’m updating the tutorial with real pics today–I had a little brain fart when drawing and writing the tutorial out….didn’t realize it was wrong until I made the one I did last night!

  7. I dont know what I did wrong but it is far too big!
    I purchase one yard and it is 60″wide. I did what you said. And now it is like I have two yard..

    • I got some fabric to make another today so I’m going to post pictures of the new one I’m making…stay tuned!

  8. I am totally confused. I had originally looked at this when it was the drawings and now I am fairly certain I have cut the fabric all wrong! Should the width of of the end product be 30″ or 60″? And when you’re using it as a nursing cover is it just wrapped around you once?

    • If you followed the instructions of the drawings then you DID cut the antic wrong, which is why I updated the tutorial with real pics and new instructions. The final product should be 30inches and you only wrap it around yourself once. If your fabric is wide enough to cover what it’s got to cover though, you can cut it to fit around you (and baby) and then sew up the sides.

  9. This looks great! I am still wondering how it turns into a scarf. I cannot get mine to “roll” into a nice looking scarf… not sure what part to roll?

    • Thanks! I don’t really roll it up, I just scrunch it together and put the loop around my neck and double (or triple it)

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    • No, it only makes the one. You’re folding it over, cutting it on the fold, and then sewing up both the sides.

    • Nope just cutting the excess fabric on the other side of the seam…if you have a serger, it would finish the edge for you—it would sew and cut neatly.

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  12. Ok.. Just so I know I’ve got this right.. There is only 1 seam and once complete it makes a big loop?
    I’m going to blame my incompetence on baby brain!

    • Oh I I thought I wrote back to this! So sorry (I’ll blame that on baby brain as well lol). There’s actually two seams. You’re going to fold your 60in x 1yard of fabric and then cut the fold. Once you have the two pieces of fabric (which now should measure 30in x 1yard) you sew the sides down. If you’re fabric is only 35in wide, you could purchase 2 yards of fabric and then fold it lengthwise to make it 30in x 1yard and sew the one side.

  13. Could you make a video of how to make this? Pretty please? The folding and cutting part is confusing to me and if I can see what you doing then I know I can do it!

    • If I can figure out how to do a video I will! Of not I’ll get a better picture together! When are you due?? Congrats!

  14. Hi! I just had my second baby a month ago. Nursing in public was an ordeal for me the first time around. Since finding your post, I’ve made five of these and made nursing in public a breeze! Thank you!

  15. So, if you’re average size (pre-pregnancy), would that be a size 14? I just need to get an idea of how much fabric I need to purchase.

    • Oh hmm I’m not sure what size I am…maybe 5/6 or 7/8? You can just throw a measuring tape around yourself or even a piece of fabric and see what’s comfortable and then measure that. It’s ok if it’s a little big, because you throw the excess fabric behind you and adjust to make sure all is covered in the front πŸ™‚

    • It’s too thick or it’s too long? Either way, you can just cut it thinner or shorter! Just be sure to go over the seam again if you cut through it.

  16. Just made one, and it is great! The neck hole when wearing as a cover is large, but I think I am understanding correctly when you have mentioned it is big, but you just adjust it when in use to cover as needed. Mine is a bit bulky as a scarf, but I think with washing and stretching, it will lay like I want. Thanks for the tutorial! I will be giving you and this tute a shout- out on my blog,! Happy crafting!

    • Awesome! And yes, it should be a bit big…but if it’s a little toooo big, you can always make it smaller. The first one I made I was able to wrap around my neck three times….the next one I did it to wrap around twice and there was still room to cover up what I have to cover up! Can’t wait to check out your blog! πŸ™‚

  17. I just made this scarf from your tutorial even found some grey and white stripe knit like you used but when I sewed it together and tried it on it’s coming up short on me.. In your picture the scarf looks longer? I bought 30 in and the fabric was 60in wide so I don’t know what’s wrong with it?

    • I agree with Kenzie.. I just made mine and when it is in scarf mode.. the smaller loop is like right at my neck, while yours is looser. Could it be the difference in knits? Do knits stretch out a bit? I don’t have much experience in using them.

      • Did you wrap it more than two times? If your fabric is stretchy like mine, it shouldn’t have to do with that.

      • I have the same problem after making mine. When I wrap it twice to wear as a scarf, it is snug around my neck. I followed the tutorial exactly, but it only makes sense that if the finished length is 30 inches, the doubled-wrapped length would be 15 inches each… and tight around the neck. Not sure how yours hangs down so far when double looped! Oh well, my scarf is still useful. πŸ™‚

      • The one I’m wearing in the picture was made with a yard of fabric. I wanted it to be more snug so I shortened the length. It’s definitely not tight tight around my neck though. At 30inches it fits and looks perfectly wrapped twice.

  18. Just made my first one tonight after seeing this post yesterday. I love sewing so this was a breeze! I’m going to make a bunch so I’ll be ready in April for when my little gloworm appears!

  19. I am a breastfeeding peer counselor at our local health dept. and would love to make these for our breaastfeeding moms, but a little confused. It looks like according to the pics that there is only cut in the fabric , can you explain more?where

  20. If it is too big at the neck when nursing, have it on your one shoulder and under your armpit on the other side. Takes up more space and you don’t have to worry about it slipping!

  21. I’m confused. I have seen my fabric together and now have a tube of fabric that measures 30×40. Where do I cut?

    • You’re just cutting the unfinished edge! Unless you have a server that makes the seam nice and neat πŸ™‚

  22. I dont know if its the pregnancy brain or the brain injury from last year or a combination of both plus no sleep but I read every comment and i still dont get it. Lol Am I a complete idiot? Can you please email me or write out step by step instructions pretending you are speaking to a complete idiot? (ok maybe you wouldnt be pretending) lol

    • You didn’t leave an email so hopefully you get this! Really, all you’re doing, it cutting the fabric to the measurements (60 x 30) and folding it in half (right sides together) and sewing the one side (the short side) together to make a large loop. Once you do that, you can either finish the seam with a serger, zig zag stitch, or, like what I did, cut close to the seam to make it nice and neat.

  23. Just made this today! I’m due in Feb and it’s going to be amazing for those windy Missouri days when you can’t go anywhere without a scarf and expect to stay warm. :p the jersey knit seems to be an ideal fabric for something I got but also cozy! Thanks for the tutorial!

  24. Ok so im a little confused on where to cut for the opening so the cover can go over both shoulders. If there is a video I cant find it olease help this is so cute. Thank you

  25. Love it! I wish I had seen this when I was nursing! But I am making one for my friend! I know she will love it! Thank you so much! I think I am going to make one for me for the next one!

  26. I’m a little rusty in the ways of DIY.. so you wear it like a tube? I’ve been staring at this for like 10 minutes trying to figure out how you put it on after lol Sorry for the silly question, I’m sure it’s the hormones messing with me!

    • Yep! An infinity scarf is a tube, you wrap around your neck 1 or 2 times. When you want to nurse, you’ll unwrap it and cover up in the front, and let any excess hang the back.

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  28. I think where people are getting confused it (if I am right?) is the 3rd picture (the cut picture) is rotated 90 degrees to make it fit square with the other pictures. You are suppose to sew then cut the TOP pinned side, not the right edge, correct?

      • Hi, I’m a seamstress ;and I just don’t get your instructions.
        I want to make these for my granddaughter.
        Do you cut the 60″ piece down the middle length? and sew the ends together? So you would end up with a 120″ long piece.
        Thanks, Marjorie

      • There’s no cutting. You’re taking the 60in x 30in piece of fabric, folding it in half (so that the two 30in pieces are on top of each other, and sewing that part.

      • Thanks for the feed back..I understand now. Do you know where I can
        purchase Chevron knit fabric it needs to be poly or rayon. THe cotton knit is to heavy..

  29. Okay. I think I see what the confusion is. You need to change your wording where it says “Once sewn, cut close to the seam.” The word CUT is your problem. Say instead – “TRIM your seam allowance and finish with a zigzag stitch if needed”
    I love this idea!

  30. My daughter always wears a scarf and now that she is expecting her first child I am super excited to make this dual purpose scarf for her. Thanks for the tutorial.

  31. This is perfect for mom. Glad to find this blog, this DIY breastfeeding infinity scarf was great. Very handy and easy to use especially when you go to the other place. I’m happy to share this too! Thanks for sharing!

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  33. Thanks for the tutorial. I already make infinity scarves for my business, but have received requests for nursing scarves and am trying to decide how I want to make them (not sure if I want raw edges, even on the jersey knit). My confusion is with your photo. When I purchase striped knit fabric, the stripes are horizontal, from selvage to selvage (not the long way of the fabric). But if I follow your directions, the stripes will go “along” with the scarf, not across like your photo shows. Not sure if that makes sense to you, but when you bought the gray & white striped fabric, were the stripes the “long” way or across the width of the fabric? Thanks!

    • No you’re right! I actually had to cut the fabric into two pieces and lay them to go vertical. So the one in the picture actually has two seams. If you don’t want to do the raw edges you could always double side the scarf. It would be reversible and perfect on both sides…but then you have to think about the cost if you’re going to sell them. A cheaper alternative would be to serge the edges. I think if you folded and stitched the edges it wouldn’t look/stretch right. Good luck!

  34. Are the scarf and instruction pictures done differently? Because the 30’x60′ would not fold over twice like that. I wanted to try this but did it a little differently since I did want it to hold like the left selfie picture. False advertising? I really got my hopes up Lol. Thank you for the blog post!

    • They are! As I stated, I wanted the scarf to fit better when folded over so I made the measurements smaller. The original measurements we’re actually 60’x60′. Sorry about that! I always assume people read the blog post along with the pictures, but then again, I do often find myself looking at only the pictures when reading other peoples blogs so I should know better! πŸ™‚

  35. Does anyone know what the difference is between a nursing infinity scarf and a regular infinity scarf? I have a lot of infinity scarfs but if there is a difference then I definitely want a nursing scarf.

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    • It’s always good to wash and dry fabric before using it! For something like this it wouldn’t be TOTALLY necessary as it’s not fitted, but you certainly can.

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  39. How would you determine sizing for different people? I have someone that wants me to make one for them and she’s big busted and I wasn’t sure how to make sure this size would fit her before I make it. I want to make sure I buy enough fabric the first time around since the closest fabric store is about an hour away. I’ve made one and it wasn’t 60 in. width. (I don’t remember what it was now.) But after sewing the seam it measure at about 27x30inches. It actually is a bit big for me and keeps falling off my shoulders. Could I maybe measure around the shoulders and use that measurement in place of the 60in?

    • Its not supposed to fit snug on your shoulders, I’ve always just covered up and then gathered the extra and let it fall behind me. If it was snug, it wouldn’t be comfortable around you and baby. To determine the sizing for a larger woman, I’d suggest them either using measuring tape to wrap around themselves or even better a piece of fabric (could even be a towel or something you have lying around the house) and wrap around to get a comfortable width and then measure that. Hope that helps!

  40. Would 45 inch fabric work for a woman who is shorter? I bought a yard of fabric and it is 45″ by 36″ will this work or just be awkward?

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  42. I haven’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but I just made 4 of these (1 for me and 3 for sisters/friends) and I decided to do a french seam on them so it’s a little more finished on the inside (just sew WRONG sides together first, then turn inside out and sew down the seam you just made). Anyway, I LOVE this tutorial! I made all 4 in under an hour! Can’t wait to give them as gifts and use mine for Baby #5, due in February! πŸ™‚

    • AH! I LOVE that idea!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Most of the comments on this tutorial are that people don’t understand how to make it, so I love comments like these! πŸ™‚

  43. why cut the fold and re sew it? that’s just silly. 60 x 30 sew the the short ends right sides together, trim the seam. done.

  44. Yes, the French seam, i did that, too. Thank you for this idea, well, that you saw, anyways, but thanks for blogging/tutting about it! Thanks,again!

    • It’s really just a it loop so there’s no head hole, it’s just a loop of fabric you wrap around your neck, or around yourself and nursing baby πŸ™‚

  45. So, if I want to do the 60×60…it will be 30×60 when I fold it over to sew? Then I sew the 60 inch edges together that are opposite of the fold? I’m trying to figure out how much different it will be then the pictures you have above? Any chance you took pictures when you made the 60×60?

    • You actually see the 30in sides and I don’t have a picture sorry! I will have to get one and add it to the post though!

      • Ok, but then is the 60 inch side still folded over or do you cut it into 2 pieces? If the 60 inch side was folded and you sew the 30 inch sides then there would only be one open side…sorry, I’m trying to talk myself through it. I want to make one for my friend that just had her first baby. Thanks for your help.

      • It should just be one long piece of fabric that you fold over and sew so there’s no cutting! Just fold and sew πŸ™‚

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