Monthly Belly Pictures

Before even getting pregnant, I knew I wanted to take belly progression pictures. They’re so much fun and a great way to look back and see how much has changed! I didn’t know how I wanted to do them, there are so many cute ways I saw on Pinterest, so I combined a few of my favorites. I wish I felt like doing them more often, but once a month is all I’ve got in me! I have my husband snap the picture, and then fix them up on Picmonkey.Here’s the first 3 months so far! I’m finally starting to show a tiny bit after hitting my third month, so I figured I’d share them starting now πŸ™‚




P.S. We’re finding out baby B’s GENDER on Tuesday!! AHH!!!!!!


21 responses to “Monthly Belly Pictures

    • Every time I get super lazy and don’t feel like taking the picture, I remind myself that I’ll get mad if I don’t lol

    • lol I know right! I have to try again, though last time I forced myself to eat a PB&J sandwich I took 2 disgusting bites and gave it to Keith haha

  1. These look great! I took pics every 2 weeks with both of my pregnancies. I should add some fun text and design like you did and turn them into something special. Great job! And hopefully baby B cooperates on Tuesday!

    • I wish I felt like taking the pictures every other week, just once a month and I get lazy! Lol the second month picture was after suchhhhh a long day and I was leaving for Florida the next morning so it had to be taken then….I look sooo exhausted but I didn’t care I needed something or I’d hate myself for skipping a month! Lol

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ so far that’s all I dislike…I hope it stays like that!! Or really, I hope I like peanut butter again lol

  2. Nicole, these are adorable! You are glowing. I took monthly pictures when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I just held up little handwritten signs that said how many weeks I was. These are so much cuter! I love that you wrote how big the baby is…It’s so funny that they always compare it to food! Good luck tomorrow…so exciting!!

    • Thank you Kelly! πŸ™‚ I have to say, every time I read how big the baby is I usually want to eat the fruit u til I find out the next week! Haha! For the longest time I was like I want raspberries!!!

  3. These are really cute belly pic photos! 12/13 is my son’s birthday so that’s a great day! He’s now 18 months. I took belly pics about every week or two and was so happy I did because I love looking back on them now. You will too! I had a really easy maybe since we share the same due date, I hope yours is easy too! Good luck and enjoy goes so fast!!

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