DIY Adjustable Bangle Bracelet

My sister and I have fell in love with these bracelets, as they actually fit our freakishly thin wrists. You can buy them in the stores (but they can be really expensive–so we leave that to our boys to buy for us….just kiddingggg πŸ˜‰ ). We took a look at the one my sister had, and decided it could totally be DIYable. The wire we purchased (pictured below) worked pretty well, though misshaped a tiny bit. Next time, we actually want to try wire hangers! They’ve got the stability that’s needed, and won’t wear over time. So when we do try that, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Here’s the wire we got–purchased from Hobby Lobby.adjustbangle1

We started by cutting about 14 inches of the wire (though for our wrists we needed something like 12 inches. We bent the wire upward on one side (just less than an inch from the edge of the wire), and downward on the other side. Then, we closed the loops. This step is a little annoying, as you have to close the loop with the other wire going through, so what I do is, make the loop, and then open it back up just enough to let the wire in, and then close it. It can’t be too tight, otherwise the bangle won’t adjust.adjustbangle2

Add some cute charms to your bangle, and you’re all done!adjustbangle3

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21 responses to “DIY Adjustable Bangle Bracelet

  1. Thank you! I actually did think about memory wire, but it wouldn’t make it adjustable, as you can’t bend it…I also couldn’t find memory wire that wasn’t super thin.

  2. Such a great idea. I can’t ever find bangles that will fit over the width of my hand, so this might really work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have just seen these bracelets this past weekend and I bought only one. I too know I can make my own as I have been making jewelry for quite some time for myself. I was surprised to hear from one of the owners, or booth workers, that they have a patent on this. (patent pending) I was going to ask what exactly they are patenting, but did not know if I could do it without sounding confrontational and I was but i was curious as a jewelry maker how someone could take an old jewelry making technique and patent it as their own. i am still curious as to what exactly they are patenting. I am looking at their loop and it is very basic. I would probably make a round loop with the end of my needle nose pliers. And are they patentinig adjustable? That technique has been around for hundreds of years. So I am not really sure what they are patenting. My bracelet has a Disney charm on it so I know they had to pay a lot of money to be able to use Disney stuff. I like your little charms!

    • How odd!!! They can’t be patenting something like that! Maybe they meant the name? Because that’s just too weird! That would be like if someone was trying to patent a charm bracelet or necklace….you just can’t do that! Lol

    • Glad you liked it! πŸ™‚ feel free to send a pic so I can feature it in my followers pics page! πŸ™‚

  4. They did not invent this design and they certainly cannot patent the design of this bracelet since it has been around for hundreds of years…I myself own an antique one of sterling silver with a gold wash that was made in India…often babies would get these adjustable bracelets as christening gifts

  5. What kind of pliers do you use to bend the 14 ga wire? I find it hard to bend with my round nose pliers. Any suggestions or insights on wire and pliers? I love Michael’s!

    • I’ll also wrap fabric around the ends for certain things if I don’t want any dents made in the wire πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t understand Step Number Four. Can you do it from another angle, maybe in a pic? THANKS. I have a freakishly thin wrist, but normal hands, so getting a bangle over is no prob, just once it’s on they always look too large. HARD to find nice jewelry in tiny wrist sizes. I want to try this with sterling wire.

    • Step 4 is actually just a finished picture of steps 2 and 3 done to both ends of the wire. You’re just bending one up and the other down πŸ™‚

  7. Is that wire actually sterling silver? if not, is that available in wire that won’t be too soft (hold the shape, and be opened and closed putting it over my regular sized hand, but squeezing it closed for my tiny wrist). What numbers, size? would I be looking for to be like those rip off A & A “patented” πŸ™‚ ones. I JUST got one for my birthday in the garish ‘gold’ color. Where the bracelet naturally opens back to, it has worn, black marks on it!!! I had no idea about “don’t cut off the little tag, because we have to then send it to Headquarters for them to reattach the tag). I just saved it, with the jeweler’s box, brought it to the mall store the next day to swap for a silver colored one. NO GO. Tag off, but in hand, NO exchange. Their stuff isn’t even well made, given those wear marks before a human has worn it yet!!!!!!! I don’t like the look of an entire bracelet for one charm. That’s my preference, though. I like your tutorial and once I get some sterling silver wire, I’m doing it!

    • That’s crazy! Wow…The wire I used wasn’t sterling silver, I wanted to practice with the wire from my local craft store, and then give it a go with the sterling silver one, but I never tried! I got so busy with life and forgot lol. The wire I used wasn’t TOO soft, but a little softer than the A&A bracelets. I didn’t mind it because once it was on it kept its shape. Unfortunately I cant remember the number the wire was though! I also remember thinking that using anything harder would be REALLY hard to bend.

      • LOL! The picture of the package says 14 gauge. I don’t see where the artistic wire comes in soft, etc. You might be able to use 12 gauge wire and still have the bracelet keep it’s proper form. I added some charms to my “original” Disney A+A bracelet.. I like more than one charm as well!

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