DIY Leaf Stamping

While walking my pupperoni one day, I came across this cute little leaf that was shaped like a perfect heart. I took it inside and thought of what I could do with it. I finally decided to try and use it as a “stamp”. This technique could be used for so many things! For example, it would look really cute on some linen napkins, a bag, or a light cotton scarf just to name a few! I was just practicing, so I used acrylic paint, but if you were doing something that would need to be washed, I’d suggest a fabric paint. Martha Stewart is what I usually use, as it goes on many different surfaces, fabric being one.

Here’s what you’ll need! I’d suggest practicing on a scrap fabric like I did!leafstamp1

I brushed some paint on the back of the leaf (where all the veins are raised, so you get that beautiful texture when you stamp it). Then, I placed it down on the fabric and used the paint tube to roll it out flat, making sure to get all that paint on the fabric.leafstamp2

And there you have it! It was SO easy and I LOVED the results! Remember! The prettier the leafs, the prettier the print! 🙂 Have fun!leafstamp3

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