Bookcase Revamp

This is a super simple remodel that I did. I’m not saying it wasn’t annoying as hell (as getting no bubbles under the paper is REALLY hard to do!), but I LOVE the way it came out. I’ve seen them all over pinterest, and I really wanted to try it out on a small bookcase I have at my entryway. I should have read the directions for this drawer paper prior to starting…..but I didn’t….just like always!! I just took all the backing off at once…which is a No-No!! You’re supposed to take it off as you go! Once I did that, it was a piece of cake! I did mine in 3 sections (the sections between the shelves) and used a flat object to smooth it out as I went. I highly suggest doing that if you decide to try it out, it’s a lot less frustrating! Another thing….I didn’t cut it so it would match perfectly with the other sections….but I don’t care. One: it would’ve wasted paper, and two: you couldn’t tell, because I made the seams behind the shelves.

I got my adhesive drawer liner from TJ Maxx (my favorite store along with it’s sister stores, Home Goods and Marshalls!!!). It was on clearance (so go check now!!) for less than $5!! This didn’t even use up half of one of the rolls, so I can’t wait to do something else with it!!bookcaseremodel2

And here’s my results!! Why I didn’t think to clean the shelves off for the before picture, I don’t know….but nevertheless…I love after 🙂bookcaseremodel1

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Until tomorrow!!


5 responses to “Bookcase Revamp

  1. I’ve seen this before on Pinterest and I always thought it would be really easy to make, so I’m glad you gave some extra tips on how to make it perfect. Not all the tutorials mentioned how to peel off the backing of the drawer paper, so thank you!

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