Baby’s First Purse

I made this little purse for my cousin’s (who’s getting married this Aprillll 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) daughter. I saw this fabric and thought it was too cute and I just had to get it! Remember my DIY zippered clutch post? Well, this is going to a little not-even-two year old, so I didn’t want to put a zipper on. Instead I did a little magnetic snap button. This might not even be her first purse, but it’s the perfect first purse for a little one, and it’s really simple to make!

Here’s what you need: babyfirstpurse1

Start with the strap. Fold it in half lengthwise then pin and sew the side. Turn it right-side out and sew the sides close to the edge. Once the strap’s done, put it between the two printed pieces of fabric 6 inches up from the bottom, and sew.babyfirstpurse2

Next, put your double sided fusible interfacing in between the fabric. I used the thickest interfacing that Joann’s had. Make sure it goes all the way to the bottom and is evenly placed. To put the bottom snap on, first find your center, and mark it with some chalk. I put it about 1/2 in from the edge. This is going on the side that was sewn. Make two incisions going through the interfacing as well.babyfirstpurse3

Now, fold the bottom up 4 1/2 in and pin in place. Sew up the sides as close as you can to the edge to make it look nice and neat.babyfirstpurse4

To figure out where the other snap should go, I put it on the bottom snap so the prongs are sticking up, and then close the top down. If you press hard enough, the prongs should make an indent (you can faintly see them in my picture), so you know where to cut the holes.babyfirstpurse5

Finally, tuck the excess fabric in and sew the edge. Last step: iron! Make sure you iron both sides to make sure the interfacing has adhered, and then close the bag and iron to flatten it out.babyfirstpurse6

I added a little fabric flower to the side just because!babyfirstpurse

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Until tomorrow!!

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