DIY Floor Length Infinity Dress

So this April, my cousin is getting married (I can’t wait!!!!), and I’ve been looking around online for what I can wear to the wedding. I knew I wanted a mint colored floor length dress. All the ones that I saw were like $80……and remember my husband and I are trying to save money?? Yeaaah, so I can’t be spending that kind of money on dresses….unfortunately. I thought maybe I could make one, but couldn’t imagine making what I wanted for less than $80. So I came across THIS post (thank you sewlikemymom, I love, love, LOVE you!) and after looking through the tutorial, I came to the conclusion that I could SO make it, AND make it floor length! So I set out to find some stretchy mint colored fabric, and as luck as it, there it was!! In all it’s beautiful glory….and for less than $5/yard on sale!! You don’t understand…this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen to me! I was freakin’ ecstatic! I purchased 4 1/2 yards, and it was PERFECT. As I was sewing it, I just kept saying “please let this work out, this just seems too easy!”  Well low and behold, when I turned my finished dress right side out, and put it over my head….I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!!! I didn’t want to take it off!! I was am obsessed with this dress…

When I say making this dress was insanely easy, I’m not exaggerating. If you have any basic knowledge of sewing, you can make this.

I’m not kidding.

I’m short, so you may need more fabric, if you’re making a floor length. I used 4 1/2 yards of a stretchy polyester fabric. You could use a light jersey knit, and really, and stretchy fabric (that looks the same on both sides and doesn’t fray) would work. What I did was, knowing that the straps should be 3 yards long, just added my length to that when I purchased it. Here’s what you need to cut: That’s it!infinitydress1

I started with the bottom. For the length, I measured from my waist to the floor ( I always add a little extra just to make sure). Then, I measured my waist, and then almost doubled it (you want enough extra so it gathers nicely). I sewed up the side, stretching the fabric a little as I went. Then, I wrapped elastic around my waist, and cut and sewed it together. Finally, I sewed the elastic to the top of the waist (stretching the elastic as I went to gather it).infinitydress2

Now onto the top! I started with the skirt on, and measured from the top of the skirt to where I wanted the band to come up to. You can make this wider or or thinner if you want, I just wanted it that wide so I can have the option to pull it up and cover my chest for better coverage for some of the different styles. I pinned and sewed up the one long side, turned it right side out, and folded it again so the seam was on the inside.infinitydress3

Finally! Attaching it all together! I overlapped the straps by 3 inches (because I’ve got a small, little chest). I’d say the bigger chested you are, the more you should overlap. I didn’t close the top, because I wanted to wait until it was sewn to the bottom. I put the seam in the middle, since it won’t be seen. Once I sewed it all together, I sewed up the side of the top. I needed to go inward a little towards the top so it would be snug, and then I cut the excess fabric away. That’s it, you’re all done!! If you have anyyyyy questions, just ask! Also, look at sewlikemymom‘s tutorial if any of mine is unclear. The only thing I did differently, was the bottom piece. infinitydress4

Here are just a few ways to wear the dress! But, there’s about a million different ways to wear this dress! I love it so much and can’t wait to wear it to the wedding!!!infinitydress5

I started off by doing it somewhat like the first picture above, and then the straps kept falling down, so I changed it up a little, and ended up wearing it like this…


                                                        (Ignore the crazy lady!)

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Until tomorrow!!


49 responses to “DIY Floor Length Infinity Dress

  1. LOVE this, so pretty! The third of the four styles you wore it in that photo is super flattering on you, ma’am. Have fun at the wedding 🙂

    • Thanks!! There’s so many different styles, I want to play around to get the perfect one for the wedding 🙂

      • You can make it as short as you want! Totally up to you 🙂 The link I provided has the tutorial that I used to make mine and she made a short version of it, you may want to check out hers, since it might be easier.

  2. I agree with Kayten, of the four styles you have, I love the third one on you! The color is so pretty, too.I have three weddings to go to this summer, I might have to make this one. GREAT!

    • Thank you Beth!! I have to say…the third one was actually my least favorite, but it’s getting up there with these nice compliments! Haha 🙂 I’d loveeee to see it if you make one!

    • Thanks! The best thing about this dress is its flattering on all different body types. It would be perfect for a bridal party! I wish I knew about these for mine!!

  3. Love it! Hey, I sent you an email earlier this week. I had a sewing/repurposing/mending question on a sweater I have…did you ever get? Was kinda hoping you would write back 🙂 Let me know me. Thanks!

  4. Third one is the best looking. I’ve always been concerned that that the straps will add bulk to my waist when i tie them so i’ve stayed away from the infinity dress. I usually go for the maxi dress style and add a wide belt. It looks great on you though. Would you be game to try a high-low hem on the dress? That’d add some “vavavoom” and you can show off some leg. :p

    • Thank you 🙂 there are a few styles where I wrapped a little too much around the waist and thoughto myself “yeah that’s not happening” lol so I know what you mean about the bulk! Is a high low hem the kind that’s high in the front and longer in the back?

  5. I love this tutorial. I’m planning on trying it myself next weekend. But I’m curious, Where did you hide the seam that runs up the side of the skirt? Yours hangs so beautifully. I’m unsure as to where I should position the side seam of the skirt so I can get the same effect.

    • I put mine to one of the sides. Because its gathered, you don’t even see it! 🙂 I’d love to see a pic if you make it! Good luck! 🙂

  6. Thank you for this tutorial!! I have seen many if these convertible dresses that do not have elastic around the waist. Is it possible to make it without the elastic?

    • The reason I did the elastic was because I didn’t cut the circle shaped bottom Because I wanted to have the long length. If you’re making a short one you could cut it as a circle (check outthe tutorial I used–link is somewhere in this post) and you,ll see what I mean!

  7. I love the mint fabric and what a score! I made an infinity dress awhile ago but mine is short and pink. I kind wish I’d done the elastic thing. I like circle skirts but some certain styles pull up the sides of the skirt and suddenly it’s a more lopsided oval skirt!

  8. How did you attach the elastic? Did you use a walking presser foot and a zig zag stitch? My machine always gets stuck when sewing with elastic. Any tips? I think the gathering looks much better than the circle method!

    • I just used the regular foot and a plain stitch. First, without stretching it, I go over the elastic and fabric a few times to get it to stay, and then I stretch the elastic and stretch the back as well (thats important!) so my machine has no problems going through it because its nice and thin and flat. I hope this helps! Good luck!

    • The girl from sew like my mom (who’s link I posted) cut them 11 inches. You could definitely make them wider if you’d feel more comfortable though! Making it a higher waist wouldn’t be a problem, the wrapping part could get uncomfortable. If you only wrapped it over the bump once it would prob be ok, but the straps are so long (so you can do all the different styles) that they’d have to be wrapped more than once. If you give it a try, let me know how it works so I could add it to the post!

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  10. One question…I noticed in your post it said the straps were 3 feet, but in Sewlikemymom post, her straps are 3 yards. I am going to try the “yards” first, and then trim down if hers is wrong!

  11. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I am about to make this for a friend of mine, but I just had a couple of questions. When you were assembling it all together, and sewing under the elastic, was that a straight or zigzag stitch? If you did this step with a serger, how would that affect things? My last question is finishing the top piece by sewing up the side of it. I know it needs to be in the middle of the dress, and is attached at this point, but how exactly did you do that? I know in the other tutorial, she overlapped and zigzagged, but yours looks different.
    Thank you so much for your time!! ^_^

    • I did a straight seam. And since I’ve put the tutorial up, I’ve been thinking that maybe it would be a better idea to sew directly on the elastic, though this would require you to stretch it out again as you sew. The reason I’m suggesting this is because I’ve noticed when I wore the dress, I had to be careful with putting it on as there was no stretch to that area, though it’s not thatttt bad..I mean I wore it with no problem. (I hope that makes sense, it’s hard to explain without showing). I didn’t use a serger, but if you were going to do it the original way and not on the elastic, that would probably be fine. I think if you did it through the elastic the serger wouldn’t be a good idea. With the top piece, I overlapped the three layers (the straps being in between the top and bottom pieces) It was hard to get a picture of that but I have the one of it explaining what I did (Step 2 on the last of the instructions). If any of this is confusing let me know I’ll try to explain it better!! 🙂

  12. I know this was almost a year ago but I need to find/make a dress for a wedding this summer and am having no luck yet. I will be 8 months pregnant during the wedding and am the matron of honor so it has to look nice! do you think if I moved the waist up a bit it would still work?

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  16. I’m a beginner at sewing and crafting. I have a wedding next week and to cut a long story short I now NEED to make this dress. How long did it take you to make?

    • I had a diary of a mad crafter etsy store but I’ve deleted that account, I now have a baby boutique on etsy, cheeky cheeky baby 🙂

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